4 Key Considerations before Buying Authentic Crystal Glass Items


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  • Published September 26, 2019
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For an exotic table setting, it’s essential to think above and beyond the realms of decorative dishware, cutlery and fancy napkins. If you want to give a classic edge to your whole table set up, add more and more glassware items. However, your choice will give the idea of your personality, taste and sophistication and this is the reason why you should be very picky while buying glassware. To be more precise, buying crystal glassware will be considered as an investment, something that you as well as your next generation can take pride in. They are not something usual, neither very cheap and therefore, considering some important factors before buying crystal glassware will always help you to make a good purchase.

Decide on the type of glassware:

Whether you need crystal glass bowls, or wine glasses or any other tableware, unless you are clear about the purpose of buying it, you will not be able to choose the right kind of items. For instance, if you often host dinner parties, it is favourable for you to have more than one set of crystal bowls and other dinnerware. Also, you can always deck up your bar set up by adding a variety of wine glasses and decanters. This is important because the right wine glass can accentuate the aroma and flavour of the wine.

Always Seek for Better Quality of Glassware:

Once you buy crystal glassware, you become a proud owner of something that stands as a symbol of class. Various brands sell low-quality items that contain at least 50 per cent of silica and no lead. Also, such items will never deliver the clarity a good quality crystal glass will produce. On the other hand, genuine crystal glassware is characterised by its brilliance and clarity.  Original crystal glassware items are considered to be luxurious, durable and bright and transparent. Never compromise with the quality of glassware, even if you cannot buy a whole range at a time.

Avoid buying Hazardous Glassware:

According to different studies, it has been proved that a certain excess amount of lead can cause harm to your health.  Traditionally, crystal glassware contains 24 to 30 per cent of lead which is even considerable. Some brands use more amount of lead oxide in their crystal glass products which is not worth buying. It is believed that lead can be released to acidic beverages like wine, juice, scotch and even vodka, thus turning hazardous for your health. Many modern crystal glass item manufacturers are trying to come up with products with less amount of lead. Such lead-free crystal items are also very expensive yet something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

‘Hand-crafted Crystal Glassware:

The value of any handmade product, no matter its jewellery or a crystal jug is way more valuable than the machine-made. When it is about crystal glass items, if you look back to the traditional way of making it, you’ll acknowledge the makers who mastered the art of glassmaking. Whether it is the meticulous mouth-blown technique, or the intricate engraving technique to create unique details, handmade crystal items are considered to be priced possession.

Even when the global marketplace is loaded with replica crystal products, there are still some heritage crystal glass manufacturers that deal in rare and handmade crystal items. Whether you own a handmade crystal vase or have a set of wine glasses, using them gives a different level of experience. You feel the connection and consider how painstakingly the craftsmen have made them with love and dedication.

Buying authentic crystal glassware is not a daunting task but includes a lot of research and fair idea about the metal. No matter you are buying a crystal item for the first time or want to add a couple of crystal glass jugs to your tableware, consider the above factors to make a valuable investment.

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