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  • Author John Redken
  • Published September 30, 2019
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On a dreary winter evening, just a few days before Christmas, when my and my wife were setting up for a small get together with our friends. Christmas is the family time in our home, so we try to gather up all our dear friends for a small shindig right before the big C, so everyone would be free to spend it with their families.

The time is 7pm and friends start getting there. They are all happy to step inside from cold. All warm up a bit with winter refreshing drinks. Small bits of pre-meal appetizers are tossed around in plates, everyone is joining the conversation. Drinks go even stronger, and soon we all forget the restraints and dive into pure fun of alcohol infused gathering with old friends that doesn't happen too often.

Dancing breaks out. We have one dear friend Mr. Mattheson, whenever he gets a bit of energy, he starts performing lots of breakdance moves and jumps and slides.. This time wasn't any different, just 10 minutes into group dancing, he starts pushing people aside to free up some space for his new break dance tricks. And another 2 minutes later music suddenly stops, loud upset noises all concentrate on Matt.

Appears to be, he smashed the Galaxy9 and the speakers with one swift swoosh of his foot. Oh, that's not a good one. He destroyed my whole collection of fresh tunes from the radio, since my Galaxy9 isn't coming back online easily. After trying this and that, I turn to my laptop. Who knows why, I have no fresh music there, maybe because I don't really use it anymore.

Quick look around for tools to replenish my music library, I turn to youtube, but there's very slow internet connection, thanks to winter freeze destroying the fiber line. The solution comes easy - save music from Youtube to my laptop, connect it to bigger speakers with the home entertainment system, and hit play to resume dancing once more.

Here comes to help the best youtube to mp3 converter online. With its help I quickly download a few fresh tunes from Youtube, save to my laptop as mp3 files, and proceed to the media player, resuming the fun for everyone.

Party continues for another 3 hours, I keep returning to youtubemp3 for more music 3 or 4 more times. Just 5-6 minutes, and I'm set with another dozen of radio-fresh beats to continue celebration. After all, I am very thankful to the service for helping out during the slowest of internet times.

John Redken is an expert in online presence and promotional musical enterprises.

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