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It’s one of the most amazing feelings when you start making music as a music lover. Playing a musical instrument at some professional level shows one’s interest and attachment to it. But as human mind proven not to stick in one place for a long time, one will surely think of going beyond the boundaries. Since music has no boundaries at all, consider yourself free to learn about things you never knew before.

When it comes to switching between musical instruments, the very common practice we see around is going for the instrument which lies in same category. For instance, a musician playing guitar, if ever interested to go for some other musical instrument, he would probably select some string instrument as his first choice of selection. Similar can be the case with wind instruments, and percussion players.

However, this doesn’t bound any player or musician to switch within his known classification of musical instrument. If you are playing strings, take some time to think for wind or percussion as well. After all they are also one of the beautiful man made creations. With added re-defined sounds you will make yourself more indulged into the music passion.

So, how you can switch between musical instruments effectively and let your audience be amazed with your playing selection. Here are some points to consider:

Understanding the Basics

When it comes to music, every player is familiar with the scales and notes. So, this point may be more helpful to those who are at some learning stage. Although different instruments do have extra notes, but point to make here is that they are based on the same basic scales. A major scale remains major in all and a minor remains minor. So the basic sense towards playing these scales and notes will be the biggest countable part towards your instrument switching.

Understanding the Clef

Depending on the musical instrument you choose, you must be aware of its particular clef. For instance, if you are switching from one stringed instrument to another, then you must be knowing that what is tablature all about and how to use it.

Involvement of your Body Parts

Different musical instruments include involvement of different body parts and strengths. For instance, a guitar player would be using his arms and fingers more than a flute player, who on the other hand is using his mouth and breath to generate the musical sound.

So, while switching to some other category of musical instrument one should be aware of the body part which is going to be involved in that. Like mentioned previously, if you are a guitar player and interested to switch to flute playing, then you must be aware of the new areas of strengths you have to provide to your new instrument. And if you are not good at your breath then playing a flute will be much harder for you. So it will be better to enhance your breath first, by some exercises.

Different Kinds of Switching, Ease and Struggles

Now as we are familiar with all our basic things, it’s time to go for switching to another musical instrument. But which one.? The answer is still not very simple to be told. Better to go with your instinct and choice of interest. However, there are some known common factors involved in switching different musical instruments which we can share with you.

Switching from Keyboard to Stringed Instrument

It can a bit confusing while switching from keyboard to some stringed instrument. As most of string instruments using tablature, like in case of guitar, lute, and banjo etc. So getting eyes on tabs might get a bit tricky in start. Second thing comes in this type of switching is the muscle strength. While playing a keyboard you might not be taking more of your muscles into action, as compared to some string instrument. You need to build up your fingers strength and sensibility.

Switching from Keyboard to Wind Instrument

As contrary to the previous switching, here you go with some ease in reading the music. As most of wind instruments use the same clef, so it’s not going to be a big deal in this case.

However, the main thing to consider here is that you are going for an air-blown instrument. So, you must be good at your breath. Time to go for some breath taking exercise!

Switching from Keyboard to Percussion

If you are thinking to switch from keyboard to some percussion like drum, then you are all setup to go. You will find the same rhythm you are already knowing. Just a matter of fine tuning and practice would help you well in this transition.

Switching from Stringed Instrument to Keyboard

Many stringed instruments performers tend to have a well transition towards a keyboard. As the same left to right hand combination is re-defined in their newly picked instrument. The only thing you will experience as a difference is to learn about sheet music instead of tablature.

Switching from Stringed Instrument to Wind Instrument

It’s almost the same experience as discussed before "switching from keyboard to wind instrument". As far as you are good with the basics, you can go along. Just the transitional efforts are changed from hand to mouth which you should be considering the most.

Switching from String Instrument to Percussion

Just like keyboard players switching to percussion, you will find yourself at ease with this change. Just in case you are switching to drum set that use both feet and hands in action, you need to be at a bit more focus and practice to come up with good results.

Switching from Wind Instrument to Keyboard

Again one of the most difficult transitions. As you are planning to change your area of playing strength from mouth to your hands. Furthermore, while being expert at reading one clef, now you need to be well at reading two instead.

Switching from Wind Instrument to Stringed Instrument

Just like the previous one, one of the most difficult tasks to do. As you will require more muscles to hold the instrument with your arms, and while playing it with your hands. And in some cases you also need to be quick at reading tab.

Switching from Wind Instrument to Percussion

A bit of bizarre transition, as for some percussion you need to be using both your hands and feet. So get ready for a bit more exercise! However, as the rhythm principles doesn’t change from one instrument to another, you are good to go with some practice.

Switching from Percussion to Keyboard

The plus side for you here is that you are going to use an instrument which involves your hands and feet. So you are with no worries relating to any muscular extensive practice. However, you need to be learning major and minor modes, and how scales, chord, and melodies work in case of percussion.

Switching from Percussion to Wind Instruments

Just like previously mentioned transitions you need to be good at your breath control. Plus, you have to be focusing more on one hand position and one note now, so get familiar with this asap. As after a hard effort you will eventually be getting a new expression to your music.

Switching from Percussion to String Instruments

Again a good news for you as you are good with your hands. Just add up a little more muscular strength to your arms and you are good to go. While the issue can be the same as in case of other transition to stringed instrument, you need to be learning tab or sheet music.

So, are you ready to Switch your instrument now

Switching to a new instrument is fine. Just make sure that you don’t switch too much or too early. Let things come to you first, how your new instrument going to change your way of expression. Go with your heart and make a worthy practice with learning. Your new sound will definitely be speaking for you.

Don’t forget to share your view and comments. As there is nothing perfect and complete in this world. We would like to know what else would be in our next article.

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