10 Healthy Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

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  • Published November 15, 2019
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No matter which age group or skill level you are, playing a musical instrument will definitely help both your physical and mental grades. If you are concerned about general wellness and want to promote it through some fun hobby, then a musical instrument is worth giving a shot.

Here we are going to mention some mental strengths you gain while having a musical instrument in your life.

Good Coordination:

The very first thing you will be having in your list is better coordination. While playing a musical instrument, different part of your body like finger, hand, feet, mouth and arms are used in a synchronized way to produce beautiful sounds.

Mood Regulation:

It’s of no doubt that nature and music change your mood. Various research over music has determined that while listening and playing some musical instrument, people have felt a dramatic change in their mood. And no doubt, a good mood outputs good results in the end.

Some researchers even showed that people who are engaged in music listening or playing, have a more tendency towards smiling and being happier.

Improves Reading Skills:

While playing some musical instruments, you are reading music notes as well. This ensures a better reading skills. This is because music and reading are related via common neural and cognitive mechanisms.

Improves Listening Skills:

As a good musical instrument player, you must have to be a good listener. You have to listen and hit the right notes to produce a remarkable sound, which is not only good in hearing to you but to your audience as well. While on other hand a better listening power also helps in better social relationships.

Reduces Stress and Depression:

Music therapy is known to everyone, and it has been years since it was introduced to mankind. A recent study showed that musical therapy has a great tendency towards reducing the anxiety.

Helps in Boosting Concentration:

When you are playing some musical instrument, you take a great care of beat, rhythm, texture, and so on. And when you are playing in a group, you have to become more concentrating on the sounds. This helps in a better concentration level boost.

Improves Breath Control:

While playing musical instruments like clarinet, flute, or any other wind instrument, one of the best thing you get for your body is proper breathing. Since everyone is aware of how important is breathing for us, and when you are doing it at some optimal level, your body, lungs, and respiratory system is going to love that.

Enhanced Physical Strengths:

Playing musical instrument will definitely be increasing your physical activity. Whether you are playing a guitar, a piano, any stringed instrument, or wind instrument, you are helping your arm and back muscles by holding and playing. And playing percussion like drum can lead you to do some cardio as well.

Sitting in proper posture is of a great importance to remain at a distance from pain. Playing a musical instrument also helps you to sit in proper alignment. This will surely reduce your back and neck pain issues.

Creative Self Expression & Achievement:

While playing some music you are expressing yourself in variety of new ways. You often become more creative and chose your own style and genre. There is nothing more than mastering your favorite song on your musical instrument. While you were setting this goal and finally achieving that in the end, will be increasing your sense of achievement, finally improving your confidence as well.

Some Social Benefits:

There are very few chances that a person playing a musical instrument is having no audience. So, you are always at the edge of finding new friends and people who may inspire your efforts. Even while playing is some band or orchestra, you have other fellows around you expressing their own skills. So music is a great way of finding new friends and inspirations.

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