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  • Published November 15, 2019
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This is 2019, time to put you self amid the most development phase of the headphone. Pick up the one through the reviews spoken from the heart and brain and create yourself a time to turn imagination into reality. The wireless headphone has seen changes in its technology, and the best is it has become from big to mini.

Check the reviews below and finalize the headphone you want to buy.

Sony WF1000FMX3

When it comes to sound, all you can is check for more features in Sony. This time it has what you can call the sound block feature. That means it blocks what interrupts your ears. The sound quality goes above your expectation because it has a strong bass.The battery life goes on for six hours which is the best when it comes to listening straight five hours music. The price value may not meet your pocket, but it is worth buying from every perspective you put to. Comes with a charging case, and the case is portable. Pairs easily with your Android mobile and IPhone.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

This is a headphone that has nine hours battery life and fine example of long hour musical companionship. It gives the best sound. Feel the vibration; you can do this with your ear drum. You can get it in grey also. A grey headphone is unique. Plus it is cheaper and comes within your budget. Compare this with others; you will always find it reasonable. Every part of this headphone is great, and so is the comfort that you get from it. It has what other headphones lack. Get it to make yourself different. It has a long wireless connectivity up to ninety feet. Pairs easily with your Android mobile, including IPhone.

Jaybird Vista

This headphone gives the best sound and has six hours battery life. Above all, it is sweat proof, so it becomes an essential thing for those who do the work out. Like the above - mentioned products, you can also charge this headphone in its portable case. Compiles with all types of blue tooth devices.


This headphone rocks; it has all the features like those of Sony, still how you look at it matters. It is so small, smaller than chicken nugget. It is an alternative, and it has one of the best bass sound that will make you say wow. The best parts - it comfortably fits in your ear and is water proof. Isn't this headphone great?

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