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  • Published November 5, 2019
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I recently designed a new responsive WordPress website for a single location local service business. I also handled some I.T. work for them and I had to visit them to check on some of their hardware, specifically some servers.

When I was looking at the company’s server a little behind cable, I realize that most people with wireless routers have not encrypted. They tell me stories like, "It keeps me to start every 10 minutes or more." Another thing, some would say: "I can not be on my wireless longer he continues to ask for a password" Then. They told me: "You never have a password and do not understand why there was a need for his". I have to tell them how they are likely hacked by a neighbor or someone near and created the password.

The wired computers in your network must always be able to be connected to the network, because it will get an IP address via DHCP. You need the address in your browser, to change the new IP address to return the router settings. This will change with the next step. You are on the fixed code have the client IP address to be able to come back on the network.

There may come a time when all the modems must be completely reset to their default position. The practical details are different, based on the wireless router. With respect to, usually is the Belkin wireless router; If this is the case, you would really need to push the right button for seven seconds, and then all parameters are reset to factory defaults.

Now that you have the IP address of the playing card, you need to address, now enter in your web browser. You should now have a screen like the image below, which you can change the setting of 2-wire adapter kit looks.

What if you need to transfer more than 2 GB or more data? Here we can use the local network. A LAN is a group of two or more computers to share information and resources. You can 1000 computer in your local network depending, as long as the computers are kept in a building or place on the size of your organization. Here I’ll tell you how to build a local network of computers 5-10. First of all, we need the facilities that are required to install a local network knows.

You can also no port forwarding to bypass firewall rules. First, know your IP (Internet Protocol) is, as is necessary, the port forwarding is. Click on the Start menu and go to command prompt. If you are not able, the program prompt you can see, click Start and go to run. Type "cmd" (without quotes and as is) in the empty field and click the OK button.

Considering that is actually a non-public IP address, many find that specific IP is used by various computing devices at once, worldwide. Nevertheless, this can be especially anytime the two computers that use the same Internet Protocol address to achieve ( operate in autonomous network systems. At the same time when several IT systems are the IP address in a particular network system, then there would be many problems with the connection and the computer network is not as it should. It shows that despite the fact that you may be exactly the same internal IP of a lot of places, only on the condition that the machine does not work with the same network system.

MAC (Media Applied Control) is used. This is like a fingerprint computers. You must remember that to allow computers on the network. Unless it is expressly authorized to gain access to the network, they will not be able to unless this step is finished, even if they know the SSID and had knowledge of the secret key.

Then you would have entered the web-based configuration page. There click Administrative Tools, which is located at the upper right corner of the menu bar, second from rightmost. Then enter your new password and enter it in the field next to Confirm. Then click Save Settings. This means that you have registered your new password, and you have to use make the new password the next time you connect to the router.

I hired Chris Reynolds at Still Web Design to install my new website and build out some of our computers here at our office. Chris has been working in the tech industry for the better part of 10 years.

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