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  • Published December 7, 2019
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Want to know how your website performed in comparison to the last month? If yes, it is time for a CRO audit. A conversion rate optimisation audit can help you in understanding the loopholes and the strengths which you can use to get better results. With the rate of conversion, you can determine where you can achieve success and which strategies need a tweak. This cannot be done alone, and you need the help of experts. Here are some of the successful steps in which auditors perform CRO audit.

Check the rate of conversion daily

By checking the conversion daily, new reports can be assessed against the old ones. Look closely at the changes so that you can evaluate what caused the conversion and what lowered your rate. The more you check, the more you will be able to determine what are the changes required in the online marketing strategy. With this kind of report you will also be able to see the trend of the conversion over a period of time.

Measure conversions and bounces

In a CRO audit, focus on the types of conversion rate you want like, social media followers, new buyers, an opt-in and more. Ask what you want your visitors to do? Follow the social media pages or visit the website and make a purchase?

Create a list for targeting

Make sure that you have identified your targeted customers and list them according to geography, age, income, lifestyle and more. Once you have your list, measure CRO in different stages.

Study the source and look for bad sources

SEO specialists study the sources from where they are getting targeted traffic so that they can come up with a better game plan. Apart from this, they work on the entry route to your website, such as call-to-actions, keywords and more to ensure that the website is receiving the right traffic.

Measure user-experience

When you consider bounces and converted traffic, you should not ignore the user-experience. If you are using different devices like, desktops, mobile users and voice search, you need to check the website loading time, look for broken links and see if the process is streamlined.

Improve landing pages

Getting traffic is a part of the strategy but conversion is another matter. It is time that you have to optimise the landing pages. Landing page should also have proper content so that visitors can get the required information which reduces the bounce rate. Split-test is run to give you an idea of the successful landing page and which are worth replicating.

Research individual bounces

The professionals offering top SEO services in Leeds try to figure out why the visitors left the page upon entering. Get rid of ineffective click baits and old offers. Prioritise content and keyword rankings and try to optimise it.

Examine competition

Keeping a check on your competition can be beneficial for your business as it will give you an idea about the areas in which your competitors are lacking.

Want your website to perform well? Opt for a CRO audit.

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