Mastering Clipping Path is the decisive game changer for photo editors

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  • Author Sayedul Mursalin
  • Published December 7, 2019
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Photo editing has become a fundamental way to style digital pictures and make graphics acceptable. It requires a technique called clipping path, which is known by myriad terms. Mastering it can be a game changer for a professional’s committed career.

Clipping path isn’t so lackluster just because it is mechanical. But its terminology can make it sound very hard to grasp. Background remover, knock out or cut out tool, vector based path, isolator tool are just a few of the terms that are commonly used to define the procedure. So, to initiate it, just knowing that even if it is known by a few complicated definitions, it is a very smooth application that can simplify life for a photo editor. The first time ever a person discovers its potential is when it is explained as a method to make a borderline by a pen tool manually around a section of a photo. When the borders are drawn they can be uneven as long as they are able to isolate the part to be edited. It is the first baby step a learner takes in becoming a pro. In fact, for many beginners, clipping path is the best way to understand the process of editing complex digital pictures eventually. When the hand becomes stronger then it is time to move forward to grasp other tools and techniques.

Photoshop has materialized as the most favored way to do clipping path. It has the best pen tool that can be used to separate the subject and the background in any photo. There are also alternate automated platforms that are used in separating the background. But the hand drawn tool in Photoshop is the best. This is because it offers the liberty to the learner to control the entire editing process. The other image editing programs that offer the same tool and technique are Quark, Illustrator and InDesign. And why is clipping path the best way to initiate the edit for the beginner? This method poses no harm to the sensitive image nor does it spoil the original if errors are made. This works well if the image is digital and scalable. With the clipping path drawn around the sharp edges are made easily. Once the basic definition is grasped it is easy to draw the clipping path with practice.

It is important to master this technique as background removal/knock out or cut out is an integral part of any photo processing. In the graphic sector this is done almost daily. One way to become an expert is to specialize in bulk clipping path jobs. Small pictures of products for websites are always needed. Once this technique is understood, it can be a precursor to other complex service management. And who says it is not creative? If one removes the technical part of the process, one can have unlimited possibilities to add more attractive elements. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid of the photo editing method can definitely build a solid career. There is round the clock work and online firms are always in need of fresh human resources. If this sounds interesting and makes sense it is time to make the choice. The vast scope of services itself will propel one to become a game changer in the process.

Sayedul Mursalin

Photographer and Retoucher at background removal service helps ecommerce owners and commercial photographers edit their product photos and provide clipping path service that increase online sells.

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