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  • Published December 13, 2019
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Being a local business owner, restricted to a specific area or vicinity, you might feel like the advantages of investing in building a google presence for your website are none. This might be because, with a simple Google search, you will be head to head with corporate giants such as Amazon and eBay, but if you are aiming to improve your local standing, local search engine optimization can do wonders.

Similar to standard SEO, local search engine optimization refers to the strategies and processes you can implement in your website development to enhance the visibility of your business on Google and other search engines when a person of your local vicinity performs a search online.

Conducting local search engine optimization for your business can prove to be beneficial and we will take a look at some of these benefits to paint a better picture of local SEO.

Local SEO processes including citation building, are ways to improve your visibility - One of the first things that you will notice when researching local SEO is "online business citation". An online business citation is just an online mention of your company’s name, phone number and physical address, the data formally known as NAP (Name, address, Phone Number)

Higher local visibility ensures greater foot traffic, more service clients and in turn greater sales – Local SEO provides optimization relevant to your local area, town or city, so that you people can locate your business effortlessly, putting you one step closer to imminent sales. This helps in pushing search traffic relevant to your business’ content, which in turn increases foot traffic, ensuring greater clients in need of your content, services, and products and guaranteeing greater sale revenue.

Marketing your content and building links can boost both relevance and eminence – The prominence of your business in the online market relevant to your location, and the efficiency in meeting the user-search requirements determines the local ranking of your website. Marketing your content through local SEO tools can help in building linkage with your customers, bringing them closer to your business, to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

Google My Business Signals serve as a prominent feature to increase local ranking – Although you cannot change your location based on the requirements of the searcher, you can positively influence your website’s online prominence through other factors which can optimize the search traffic flowing towards your website. Google My Business is an online directory that provides your business’ location, listing, category, and weblink.

About 86 percent of online searchers use Google Maps to locate certain products and services around their vicinity. 51% percent of individuals use their smartphones to look up locations of companies, restaurants, etc. on Google every day. 1 in 5 of online shoppers within a day of visiting a certain business’ website purchase a good or service from it. Integrating Google Maps feature on your website and in your Google My Business profile is another effective local SEO strategy to increase bounce rate and time-one-page factors of your website. The social signal of your business is enhanced, as an accurate location of your business is now provided online. Greater foot traffic is hence diverted towards your business, again ensuring sale revenues.

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