What is image clipping path and Clipping Path Services?

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What is clipping path:

My personal explanation of what clipping path is, a tool like scissor in image editing software, enable to cut an object precisely and perfectly from an image so that you can work on it. The tool is also known as pen tool or selection tool, closed vector path or shape. It defines the border between the edges of your objects and the white background behind them. In a broad sense, when cutting an objects to follow the edges, everything on the inside of the line or path is inserted as a ultimate cut while everything outside is eliminated.

Usage of clipping path: Clipping path is applied specially to remove the background or create white background for selling products online. This allow to isolate and display products more prominently. There are also many usage of clipping path. Sometimes it is used to select and edit a specific region or change the shape of an image.

Factors to consider when doing clipping path: It’s need perfection to achieve a realistic image by clipping path. Be attended on every detail of the object so that any portion can not be eliminated. Remember you need to only draw on the outer parts, if you move from out to in then the inner and the outer that is selected will be deleted so use the tool be carefully. When blue lines will be done, detach the subject and set to a new background. While choosing background, consider those color that brings the focus to the subject more. For selling products, white, black and gray are mostly used for product background. Transparent background is also used if the subject demands for it. So, choose background base on your subject. You can achieve the actual beauty when the subjects needs it.

When not to use clipping path rather use image masking :

Clipping path doesn’t work perfectly all the time if the subject has hair, woolly edges ( like teddy bear or winter clothe) or are blurry and transparent. In that case, image masking works accurately and clearly than clipping path. The image looks more consistent, realistic and professional by using image masking.

What is clipping path service:

If you’re not ready or not a professional for image editing then here comes requirement of clipping path services. There are many professionals and companies who offers to do this job at a very low cost for you. Most of the clipping path service companies are seen in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Philippine, India, Pakistan and Nepal, which can provide their services to developed countries, fostering outsourcing of such activities.

The sectors where needs clipping path:






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Clipping Path India is a brand of Outsource Experts Limited, a privately held image processing company founded in 2008. The company is made by image editing people for the photography and e-commerce businesses.

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