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  • Published December 22, 2019
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With the festive season approaching, it's better to start thinking about what type of gifts you're going to buy either for corporate, or for your family members and friends. Starting early will help you avoid the last-minute rush and may even help you save money through amazing discount offers. If you're thinking about what types of corporate gifts to give your employees, boss or colleagues then you should head over to AUSB premium gifts and make a custom corporate selection. The company is based in Malaysia but their online platforms make it easier for you to buy from any part of the world. They also have a wide range of gifts that are appropriate for the corporate world. Most of their products are USB related but they come with customizable options that make them unique and special.

USB pen drives for corporate branding

The customizability features of the USB drives provided by this company makes them a great marketing tool. You'll not just be giving gifts to tiers, you'll also be creating a personal connection to them. You can put your logo or brand name on the flash drives and have the people using them to think about your company every time they see the products. This is a good marketing strategy that will create long term impacts and benefits. Other than giving them during the festive season, you can also give away the pen drives as corporate gifts during other events and functions, which will lead to your company being known by more people. Some examples of the pen drives include:

Pen shaped flash drives: These are more ideal for your business associates and potential customers. These show that you respect them and will undoubtedly make an impression on the people you give them to. They are multi-function gadgets that can be used as pens and data storage.

Wrist band flash drives: These corporate Premium Gifts are more suitable for the younger demographic. They come in different colours and sizes and are bound to get the attention of the younger generation. They are made with the USB pen connected to the elastic material.

Jewellery flash drives: These make the perfect corporate premium gifts because of their elegance. If you want to celebrate a milestone your business has achieved then you can give these luxurious gifts. They are guaranteed to create a big impact. The jewellery designs range from bracelets to necklaces thereby giving you a variety of options.

Mini flash drives: These are perfect for people who find the classic flash drives cumbersome because of their sizes. The mini USB versions are smaller and easy to carry around. The designs also vary with some having the option of being multi-functional.

Card flash drives: These premium gifts will help persuade your potential clients to make a deal with you. You can put testimonials and previous clients on the card making it easier for potential clients to find proof of your abilities.


The corporate gift company also offer other USB gadgets that make amazing corporate gifts. Items such as power banks, hubs and car adapters are also available for you to customize. There are also other drives and they have different materials ranging from wood to leather. With the corporate gifts from this company, your business will be taken to higher levels. You can contact them to find out more about how you can get the premium and regular gifts.

USB Premium Gifts is a Malaysia corporate premium gifts supplier specializes in corporate gifts, premium gifts, USB pen drives and USB thumb drives supplies.

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