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  • Published December 19, 2019
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The banquet serves as the most crucial and traditional aspect of any wedding. It is a traditional way of celebrating the bond and love between two people with family and friends. With so many different things to consider, it can be quite overwhelming for couples to pull off the wedding reception of their dreams.

Food and drinks are not the only factors that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to wedding receptions. There are other elements to deal with like, the venue, the music and most importantly, table decorations. Fortunately, you can seek the assistance of expert wedding planners or hire wedding table centrepieces to bring to life what you have visualised. However, before consulting an expert, it is recommended that you have some ideas regarding the kind of decoration you want for your event. Below given are a few table centrepieces that you can draw inspiration from.

Tree-inspired wedding table centrepieces

You can bring nature indoors and make it a part of your wedding banquet by choosing to place tree-inspired centrepieces on the tables. The centrepiece can have branches decorated with leaves, flowers, candles and crystals, that are spreading in all directions. This decoration probably would not work brilliantly if you have chosen an outdoor wedding banquet venue.

Bird cage or aviary-inspired decorations

Making use of bird cages is a very popular decor trend at the moment. You can make use of stunning aviary decorated with lights, flowers and candles. You can put the decorations inside the cage and put it on the table or use a small pedestal. You can even add birds made out of paper and place them inside.

Umbrella-themed table centrepieces

In Indian weddings, a lot of people have started using umbrellas as centrepieces. You can use this idea for your wedding reception. In decor umbrellas, you will find myriad patterns and colours, and you can be sure of finding something that matches the theme of your banquet. You can pick umbrellas that look great with the colours of your decor and spruce them up with drapes, flowers or crystal danglers.

Fairy lights and bulbs

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, you simply cannot go wrong using fairy lights and bulbs. You can use bulb strings and fairy lights, and hang them from top to create a magical environment. You can apply the same decoration indoors as well and complement it with mood lighting so that the fairy lights stand out.

Candelabras and candles

If you want to achieve an opulent look, you can make use of candles and candelabras. Everyone knows that candelabras look absolutely royal and luxurious. You can place elaborate candelabras as wedding table centrepieces and heighten the decor. You can even decorate them using crystals or flowers to take the centrepiece a notch higher. You can be sure of guests talking about your wedding banquet for days to come.


Chandeliers are available in various sizes and you get big chandeliers to hang from the ceiling or smaller ones to be placed on each individual table. Either way, the chandelier will be suspended and you can take to your wedding decorator to find the best way to hang them. Moreover, you can jazz up the look of the chandeliers by adding vibrant flowers or crystals. This will lend your wedding table a glamorous and bright look.

Candles and flowers

Do you want to keep it low-key and minimal? If so, you can never go wrong with the combination of candles and flowers. You can create a bed of flowers as base and place half-filled glasses with floating candles. This will look simple and elegant.

So, these are a few wedding table centrepieces ideas that you can consider for your upcoming wedding reception. For more such fun ideas that will match your wedding theme, you need to talk to a professional event planner.

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