How Can Cannabis Help People With Multiple Sclerosis?

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  • Author Alex Wilks
  • Published January 1, 2020
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With the accessibility to shop for herbs and even buy CBD on-line, there are so many innovative ways that people are using weed to medically treat their conditions. One ailment, in particular, that’s greatly benefiting is the demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, also known as multiple sclerosis (MS). With ongoing and frequent pain, muscle elasticity, fatigue, and inflammation, MS has a detrimental impact on a patients’ quality of life. This is why, as a consequence, many people are now starting to look for alternative therapies that will positively affect their functional mobility. Have you ever considered weed to help manage your MS symptoms?


Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis — an inflammatory immune condition — possess stiff muscles and spasms that keep them from freely moving their limbs, however, since CBD products are taking the world by storm these anti-inflammatory drugs are starting to change the lives of those who are fighting the fight against auto-immune diseases, such as MS.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant that’s helpful in the treatment of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. In fact, many people buy CBD on-line as an all-natural way to begin to treat their aches and irritations. So, backed by recent studies, and thousands of years of cultural usage, CBD pills, tinctures, and distillates are able to commission real, life-changing results.


One of the most debilitating symptoms of MS is the crippling pain that can occur as a result of the inflammation of neural tissues, muscle spasms or exerting pressure on the musculoskeletal system, so patients are often encouraged to smoke weed to alleviate the soreness. You can also benefit from marijuana pills, ointments, and edibles, which help the body by offering elicit feelings of relaxation and a coach-locking body high that will allow your brain to focus on things other than your chronic pain.


Have you ever felt down or hopeless? Many people who suffer from MS withdraw from the world because of their reduced mobility, so depression can commonly surface as an emotional dysfunction due to the condition. While willpower, determination and a good support system can often help a person gain a certain degree of control over their cognition, sometimes the side effects worsen in susceptible individuals undergoing MS-related changes. That’s why so many MS patients are using cannabis to counteract the parameters of depression! Smoking weed to feel less depressed is a well-known phenomenon and since both THC and CBD have euphoric effects that cause relaxation and stimulation, cannabis possesses the power, to some degree, to change mental perspective. The key in this is to not use weed as a self-prescribed treatment and to ask your physician if you could benefit from either of the above cannabis compounds.

Alex Wilks is a reporter and writer for a number of publications including Daily Hive, Vancouver Is Awesome, Surrey Now Leader, The Chrono, and Toke Club.

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