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LORTAB is a prescription medication and a combination drug substance. It is known as a brand name for Acetaminophen Hydrocodone, which is the main active ingredient of this medication. Hydrocodone is an opioid pain medication that is also known as narcotics in the streets. Acetaminophen is a low potent pain reliever drug, sometimes known as Tylenol.

HYDROCODONE is primarily a white crystalline powder derived from the opium alkaloid, thebaine. It can freely dissolve in water but slightly in alcohol. ACETAMINOPHEN is a non-opiate, non-salicylate analgesic and occurs with a bitter substance. Available as a white, odorless crystalline powder.

In addition,Lortab tablets contain some inactive ingredients including;

  • Colloidal silicon dioxide

  • Crospovidone

  • Corn starch and pregelatinized starch

  • Microcrystalline cellulose

How to use Lortab?

  • An individual who is suffering from pain should use Lortab exactly as prescribed by their doctor. Patients should read every instruction carefully, which mentioned in the prescription label and follow them.

  • He or she can consume this medication by mouth with or without food as per doctor's recommendation.

  • A drug user who is using Lortab through over and more frequent dosage can become a drug addict.

  • There is a number of duplicate products available on the street store; so, we will advise you to order Lortab online to get a genuine product at your doorstep.

  • Do not stop taking Lortab; suddenly, it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

A new user should consult with a doctor before using this medication if he or she has any of below-given conditions

  • A history of drug or alcohol addiction

  • Liver or kidney diseases and low blood pressure problem

  • Diarrhea, severe constipation

  • Seizures or a head injury

  • Urination problem

  • Problem with your thyroid or gallbladder

Don't use Lortab if you have/are;

  • Allergic to Lortab or any component of it.

  • Nursing or pregnant lady

Side effects

Lortab can cause some severe unwanted effects in few adverse conditions. The user should contact his/her doctor to take medical attention if he/she has any of the below-given effects during the treatment.

Lortab withdrawal symptoms

When a user uses this combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen for an extended period and suddenly stops using the drug, the risk of drug withdrawal symptoms can increase. Drug withdrawal can produce some unpleasant symptoms which may dangerous in some conditions.Lortab Withdrawal symptoms can include;

Aggressive and agitated behaviors, body chills, diarrhea, cramping in the abdomen, depression, tremors, anxiety, extreme sweating, goosebumps, major depression, pupil dilation, vomiting and nausea, aggression, agitation, loss of appetite, all over body pain, insomnia, muscle cramps and spasms, runny nose and hyperactivity, etc.

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