Whey Protein: Benefits, Uses & Requirements

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  • Published January 16, 2020
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Are you into fitness training? Are you looking for the right supplements to complement your training sessions? Shop for the best protein powder and level up your training sessions now. Protein is the building block of the body, and therefore, one needs to have a protein-rich diet when performing any physical activity or undergoing any training. So, firstly, you need to know what exactly is whey protein? What are its benefits and requirements in the body? Well, well, read on the entire article to know it all.

What is Whey protein?

Put in simple language, Whey is the by-product obtained during the production of cheese. The liquid extracted from the milk during this process is called " Whey". Whey Protein is considered as one of the most beneficial protein powder as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Also, it has low lactose content.

Benefits and Uses Of Consuming Whey Protein:

Better Muscle Build Up: Whey Protein is made of long-chained amino acids that are readily absorbed by the body which in turn increases the body strength, stamina, muscle gain process and post-workout recovery. Whey Protein is specially formulated to help build a lean chiselled physique.

May Lower Cholesterol Levels: Studies have shown that whey protein has played an important role in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So, if you are working out stay assured of no problems related to your liver whilst consuming whey protein.

Helps in Muscle Recovery & Prevents Fatigue: The amino acids present in the protein powder plays a major role in muscle recovery post a heavy-duty workout. It is readily absorbed by the body and replenishes the injured muscle tissues. Whey protein powder also prevents body fatigue and soreness post-workout.

Inhibits Muscle Breakdown: It also provides support for the enhancement of your energy and stamina and inhibits muscle breakdown post a strenuous training session. Whey protein is extremely beneficial to sustain long hours of a workout without letting the body undergo any stress.

What are some healthy natural sources of Protein :

Whole Eggs

Pulses and Legumes

Chicken Breast



Chia Seeds

Soya Chunks

Cottage Cheese

Milk and other dairy items

How to Consume Whey Protein?

Take one serving of whey protein and mix it in 180-200ml of cold water/skimmed milk or any beverage of your choice. Now blend it well for about 15-20 seconds until it is thick and creamy. One can increase the serving depending upon the intensity of their training regime.

When to Consume :

Morning: One can start their day with a good dose of essential vitamins and nutrients in order to prevent ant muscle loss after a long 6-8 hours of sleep.

Post-workout: Give your muscles a perfect dose of whey protein for faster recovery.

In between meals: One can take a single-serve of whey protein in between the meals to provide muscles with a regular source of nutrients all day long.

Before Bedtime: It is recommended to consume it before bedtime in order to prevent any muscle loss overnight. It also provides a sustained source of nutrients to the body when you are sleeping.

We are pretty sure this article will help you understand everything about whey protein.

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