5 Best Computer and Networking Certification to Pursue This Year

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  • Published February 4, 2020
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Professionals in the field of IT especially in the computer networking certification field are getting a huge demand nowadays in the Job market. Even if you are already working in the networking environment doesn’t allow you to expand your career and growth in the other high platforms.

This can only be possible if you have a certification that proves you have gained knowledge about the up to date trend in the market of networking. Validating your experience, that you stand out of the crowd, and you have had learned about it in depth. Only then you can see the doors opened for you in the Job market with huge pay.

If you are planning to get certified, the second though could be in what? Certifications although are a great way to show your professionalism in a specific field, but that certification needs to be valid and trend one. Networking streams have different subjects to learn through, but it is important to identify which one has a great scope in 2019-20 only then things will make sense. For this reason, we have it right here for you the list of Top certifications in computer and networking-that you must opt for.

• CompTIA Network+

If you are an entry-level network professional, you can think about pursuing this one. This one does start with the basic level of networking like security, networking operations, troubleshooting, and networking concepts. The certificate holds the capacity to give you the network administrator that that deals with infrastructure. To enter the field of networking and gain the basic knowledge of it, one can think about pursuing this certification course for themselves.

Though you do get great designation with this certificate, in the earlier time it would be an entry-level job, then junior network engineers and in fact, long-term network analyst as well. For this, one needs to learn this certification with their deep interest and fall in love with the subjects too.

• Cisco CCNP

Cisco offers 2 varied certification courses, one is CCNP and another one is CCNA. One an individual plan to enroll themselves into the course, they get hands-on experience in Cisco network solution that delivers knowledge of access management, security and practices, and network fundamentals as well.

There are in totality 4 examination that needs to be cleared to become eligible for certification at the end of the course. To master in datacenter technologies, this certificate has surely become one of the most demanding as it focuses deeply on the network infrastructure with the help of the data center. This exam is good for lower-level learning as it gives basic understandings of the IP address as well as network operation. If you have 3 to 5 years of experience in an enterprise network solution, you must think about opting for this one.

• SolarWinds Certified Professional

SolarWinds is yet another solution that covers a vast portion of the best computer networking certification. It gives IT professionals the ability to find tools as well as products and solutions that can be able to improve the performance, and the monitoring to handle the real-world problem in the easiest significant manner. It, in fact, its solution in 6 vast areas majorly, network management, security, system management, IT help desk, database management, which is the most important one. And then comes the cloud which is yet one of the most popular needs in the current world’s scenario.

They can be tagged as the most widely preferred certification program as this certification can allow you to work with any size of enterprises. If any organization deploys Solar Wind technology as a significant technology in its infrastructure, the candidate with this certification will majorly get good jobs there.

• Wireshark WCNA

If you go through the certification’s subject, you will realize it is such a wider scope and learning. There is a vast thing to cover in this top computer networking certification program like skills of sniffing utilizing Wireshark, along with that the knowledge of network analysis. Aside from this one also gets to know more about network security, and network troubleshooting with that TCP/IP network communications too.

So, there are multiple learning platforms with this that a student can gain and become professional in. This allows them to get jobs in various fields. The job in the entry position would be an entry-level, but it will open the door of many enterprises at a later stage. The other exciting part about it is, this certificate serves in almost 90 countries across the globe so it does make it a worthy one. If anyone wants to learn about packet analyst and wire shark, you can be able to do so with this one.

• Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

A valuable networking path that comes into importance in almost any enterprise. This one can open the door for numerous job prospects. You get your expertise in operating as well as creating complex network technologies that can coordinate with other technologies in the business. Enterprise infrastructure, as well as Enterprise wireless courses, are two varied certifications in this that you can think about if you opt for Cisco CCIE.

Getting a good job won’t seem to be a big issue for you if you opt for this certification course. It is for sure going to show your professionalism and the ability to handle complicated work. This certificate is the reason that you will be able to work in any field of your choice with good job security too.

You need to have certain knowledge and expertise in the networking field with current and latest development education. Now that your half research work to find the computer networking certification in Dallas, you must not wait any further. Simply enroll yourself in the best online classes services that can help you gain the certification in no time.

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