Applying New Vehicle Lettering

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  • Author Tony Johnson
  • Published January 29, 2020
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Applying Your New Vehicle Lettering

You have just washed and waxed your car and it’s sparkling in the sunlight looking as sweet as they day you bought it. Sitting beside you is the new vinyl lettering you had made for your vehicle. You’re ready to put it on except…you forgot what the custom shop told you do. Have no fear, we’ll walk you through it.

As you already know, your new lettering and graphic was produced by a computer and cut by a plotter specifically designed for this type of work. If you find any small remnants of vinyl around the edges of your lettering, carefully trim them away with a pair of scissors or very sharp utility knife. Make sure the area that you are going to apply this to is completely dry and free from any dirt or residue that will keep it from adhering. Once you remove the carrier sheet that holds your letter and graphics you’re not going to be able to move them, so have the location planned out and ready before you even touch what you’re applying.

Once you’re ready to start, make sure you are in a comfortable position – preferably sitting on a stool next to your vehicle – so that you can hold your graphics and lettering steady. Place the entire sheet against the car, but do not peel off the backing. Do all your measuring to make sure it’s centered top to bottom, left to right, and then anchor the whole thing with some masking tape using a piece at the top and a piece at the bottom.

Now you’re ready to remove the carrier sheet. When you do this, lift the vinyl image by the sticky application tape that will hold the vinyl image to your car and work in small section to trim away the backing as you go. When you have half of the vinyl clear of the backing, hold the design above where you are going to apply it. Pull the tape tightly and watch as the vinyl adheres to your vehicle. Don’t pull it so tightly that you dislodge your masking tape. Rub the image onto the vehicle with a smooth flat edge, starting in the center and working your out. Don’t miss any area of the graphic.

Once you have that half applied, start with the next half and follow the directions from start to finish. When you have applied the entire image to your vehicle, rub the entire thing again and apply more pressure to make sure you get out any bubbles and that it’s on there well. Then carefully peel away the application tape by starting at a corner and pulling it free at an angle. Do this slowly and take your time. Rub down the image on last time by covering it with an extra carrier sheets that may have come with your graphics.

These instructions do not only apply to customized graphics and lettering that you special ordered. They also apply to any prepackaged ones you purchase at your local store. It is best to take your time and do the job correctly because you will not be able to peel the vinyl off and start over. Make sure you have plenty of time to devote to this project and when you’re done, your vehicle will have a nice, new look.

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