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They were once laughed at for being so different from everyone else, but now they’re getting the last laugh as they prove that even the most unusual features can be beautiful.

Here is a unique model of women from around the world are an inspiration to anyone who has ever felt like they don’t quite fit in with typical beauty standards.

1- Galician Nightingale

This stunning Bajan model has entrancing icy blue eyes with a condition called sectoral heterochromia. This condition causes the iris of the eye to be multicolored, her unusual blue eyes seem to glow in gorgeous contrast to her dark skin.

She loves putting on makeup and taking pictures but she doesn’t mind sharing a natural photo now, and then she says taking pictures with no makeup makes her feel free and beautiful. Her 58,000 followers love her breathtaking photos whether she wears makeup or not.

Some people don’t believe her eyes are real, to those people Giulia posted that we should all know that anything is possible even for black people to have colored eyes.

She doesn’t see why it’s so shocking. She wrote that well it’s not currently part of mainstream beauty standards, it’s time for that to change.

2- Harnaam Kaur

This British model and anti-bullying activist is also a beautiful bearded lady. When she was a teenager, she was diagnosed with a polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes hormonal imbalances that result in hair growth on the body and face.

After overcoming years of bullying and self-doubt, Harnaam is now a spokesperson promoting body positivity and hope for all who feel they don’t fit in.

She has even spoken in the house of parliament and on her own TED talk.

3- Stef Sanjati

This YouTube star got a lot of attention when she posted a video sharing with her fans that she has a genetic mutation called Waardenburg syndrome. It means that the bone structure in her face is unique.

This syndrome is the reason for her crystal blue eyes, which are set further apart than average and it caused her to be deaf in her left ear.

It can also create changes in pigmentation which is responsible for that white strip of hair in front.

After getting a lot of comments on her YouTube page she addressed the questions about her facial features in a video, it went viral.

Stef thinks it got so much attention because the syndrome hasn’t been represented in social media before. This one-of-a-kind trans woman continues to inspire people who struggle with appearance and gender.

4- Maria Oz

This Ukrainian beauty is Instagram famous for her unusually large eyes. She’s got one hundred thirty thousand followers, but some fans are wondering if her eyes are real or if she’s had a little help from Photoshop.

Maria laughs at this question, she has explained that she inherited this unique facial feature from her dad.

5- Evita Delmundo

Evita Delmundo was born with large hairy dark moles covering her face and body. She also has a birthmark across her neck and shoulders. Because of these moles, Evita was tormented by bullies at school when she was young.

Model Women With Unique Facial features

They called her names like monster and chocolate-chip-cookie.

This was devastating to her as a child, she became very shy and kept to herself, but that all changed when she grew up.

At age 20 she auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia.

Evita decided to show off this unique feature instead of being ashamed of it, she refuses to have surgery to remove her moles, instead, she wants to challenge society’s beauty ideals.

6- TK And Cipriano Quann

There’s no doubt about it TK Quann has hair for days and so does her twin sister Cipriano Quann. As you can imagine, she gets asked all the time if all of that is her real hair.

She and her sister believe in natural beauty, they refused to tame their hair into confining locks or braids, they said they think locks are absolutely stunning they just prefer to wear their hair this way instead.

Even though there are twins their hair texture is slightly different, which is why they rock different hairstyles. Cipriano works best when it’s up and TK lets her tresses flow. It just goes to show that everyone’s hair is unique even for twins.

7- Anna O’Brien

This glittery goddess is curvy and charismatic. Just check out her Instagram page and you’ll see what we mean. It’s full of gorgeous photos of her in a variety of outfits, you can even find her wearing fun costumes. Anna wrote a book called a life full of glitter.

It’s all about self-acceptance and finding your sparkle in a sometimes negative world. Anna is all about having a body-positive attitude. She wants to help people feel good about themselves and love their bodies, no matter their shape or size.

People love Anna, she’s got a huge following on Instagram and she’s an accomplished global speaker, giving talks all around the world.

8- EM

She goes by EM on Instagram, she’s a unique beauty with a skin condition called vitiligo.

This condition causes the skin to lose color in blotches, it happens when the cells that produce pigment die or stop functioning, it can also affect the mouth hair and eyes.

While some people prefer to treat their skin, there is no cure and EM is just fine with that. In fact, she loves the skin she’s living in.

On a recent Instagram post, she shared that she is very comfortable in her body and doesn’t need remedies or to change her beautiful skin.

9- Kokie Childers

Kokie’s Instagram page is full of stunning pictures of her freckled and fabulous face. She started getting a following after she was scouted for an Afropunk photo portfolio that featured freckled people of color.

She says she gets her hair from her mom who’s from Suriname and Guyana, but her dad gets credit for her freckles, he was Californian with European lineage. He comes from a freckled family of redheads.

Kokie remembers when kids used to stare at her and whisper, but now she loves her freckles, she said she doesn’t even own foundation or concealer.

10- Therese Hansson

When Therese Hansson was 14 years old, she started going bald, she was diagnosed with a condition called alopecia. It causes people to lose their hair.

For a long time, Therese hid her hair under long wigs, but now she flaunts her beauty for the world to see, she’s a model that inspires people who are struggling with alopecia to be confident, she encourages people not to hide saying it will only make you feel worse, she talks about what a relief it is to just be yourself.

When this Swedish girl took the wig off and embraced her baldness, she got signed by GC modeling agency and is now doing what she loves, she says she only wishes she didn’t brace her alopecia sooner.

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