Long-tail Keywords- Why You Need to Focus on Them?

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Keywords can be either short-tail or long-tail. Short keywords or keyphrases, often referred to as head words come with generic meaning like, "men’s dress", "online furniture", etc. As long-tail keywords are longer and specific, they are used to show a particular concept, such as "cheap women’s shoes", "jungle safari in India", "affordable resorts in Bali" and more.

People who are new into SEO are unfamiliar with the long-tail keywords concept and fail to understand what potential these phrases hold. Once an expert finds out what long-tail keywords can help online businesses, there is no turning back. If you want your business to flourish, ask your hired professionals offering SEO consultant services in London to have a good understanding of long-tail keywords benefits and tap into it. Take a look at their hidden capabilities.

Less competition

The longer the keyword is, the lesser sites you will get to match it. Thus, it is less competitive in nature, making it easier to achieve high rank in the search engines. Instead of trying to fetch a rank for "men’s clothes", it is easier to get ranks for "French designer men’s clothes". The latter has the ability to appear in the top 10.

Real traffic

A single long-tail keyword is not enough to get you plenty of keywords, but do not forget that long-tail can work like wonders. If "men’s dress" and "designer dress" are the main head words, these can be extended to different long-tail keywords, and altogether, it leads to almost thirty-five per cent of traffic or maybe more.

Better targetted traffic

Keywords are used to describe a particular trait or feature of an object. The better it describes a product or services, the chances of finding the product or services increase. The visitors may end up on your business website typing the long keyphrases that you are targetting.

Better conversion rates

There are users who search on the Internet using specific terms rather than generic terms. Normally, long-tails fetch in more and more visitors who get convert into leads. Hence, investing in long-tail keywords is a surefire way to get ROI.

Long-tail keywords include short-tail keywords

In long-tail keywords, you will already find short keyphrases. For instance, "Gucci designer women’s purse" already has "women’s purse" nuclear term in it. In this way, you can target a wider base of audience.

Easier to optimise

It becomes easier to do on-page optimisation if you are settling for long-tail keywords. This is because you do not need plenty of long-tail key phrases on a page, just a couple of them is enough. Rather than incorporating several short phrases on a page, you can go for a few long phrases, improving user experience and conversions.

Suitable for PPC

Many SEO consultants would say that long-tails are mostly used for PPC.  In Pay Per Click, you need to pay each time when an individual clicks on your ad. If you bid on generic terms, you will have fewer click-through rates and fewer conversions, which will lead to money wastage on ill-targetted traffic. Once, you start bidding on specific terms that describe your product or services in a better way, you are likely to grab the eyeballs of the right visitors to your website.

Long-tails beat personalisation

Nowadays, search results are getting personalised. It is becoming custom-tailored to a user’s sex, age, location, interest and more. People searching for one or the same keyword may see various search results on the Internet. However, with the help of long-tail keywords, you can optimise the website for different users. For example, you can have separate pages for "designer women’s purse" or "designer men’s shoes", so that visitors know which page is suitable for them.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to optimise your website for long key phrases. The mistakes that novices do is avoid these phrases and miss out some of the best SEO opportunities. Now that you know how useful these keywords are, take them into heed and put them into action.

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