How to Recycle Old Electronics?

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How to Recycle Old Electronics?

"When we put the whole picture together. Recycling is the right thing to do."

In this age of digitization, at this age, everyone loves to use technology. We can see laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic products everywhere. It does not matter if we are in office or at home; these things have taken the technology world to a new level. People can't even think of living without their gadgets. According to stats, one out of every five people has a smartphone: more the usage, the more wastage.

As a responsible citizen, it is essential to use all these things with extra care, and at the time of recycling, these gadgets demand extra-ordinary attention. We can't dump these electronics anywhere. According to the stats of the UNO report, in 2016, there were 44.7 million tons of e-waste, and from this million-ton waste, around 20% was disposed of properly. So, these stats are alarming enough to open our eyes, it is essential to follow the right track to computer recycling, office electronics recycling, and mobile phones recycling.

How to recycle old electronics?

If we specifically talk about the office environment, then they need office clearance after some while. So, they must recycle their electronics in a proper ethical way, and There are plenty of ways to recycle old electronics; some of the ideas are as under;

Find a trade-in program;

It is one of the best options to recycle office electronics during clearance. It should be a priority for computer recycling and office electronics recycling because it can save costs. Some retailers and traders offer a trade-in program; if you are planning to upgrade your electronics, then you can take new products at a discounted price. Tech companies also offer recycling programs, where you can give your old product to them, and if the working condition of that product is excellent, you can receive a gift voucher for your next purchase. If the working condition is not right, then they give an equal amount in charity.

Search for the retailer recycling program;

Many nonprofit organizations are working to make this world a better place for living. These companies offer their services for electronics recycling; you can drop your electronics to them. You can check according to your zip-code and can contact their retailors for office electronics recycling.

City E-waste service;

Many cities and municipalities are offering e-waste services and are acting responsibly. To get this service, you can call your township to ask if there is any event related to e-waste is happening around you. If there are some events like these, then you can ask for that, or you can ask for the location where you will drop your wasted electronics.

You can sale your old electronics;

If you have switched to new technology, but your old electronics are still working well, then it is one of the best options. You can sell your electronics instead of wasting them. Many online platforms provide this service. You will upload the pictures of your product, quote the price, and that's it.

You can give your electronics in charity;

"There is no such thing as "Away." When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere."

It is also one of the options if your electronics are working fine, but you are planning to update them. There are many charitable schools, education centers, and employment institutes where they need computers, mobile phones, and other electronics. You can contact your near center and ask them whether they need the electronics or not. There are the following conditions that you need to fulfill to donate your electronics during office clearance.

• Electronic products should be less than five years old.

• The working condition of the electronics should be good.

• If there are some glitches in the electronics, then they do not require significant repair or replacement.

Rules to follow before office electronics recycling

There are the following rules that you need to consider before going for the recycling or donation program.

• Do not forget to delete your personal information from your device.

• Remove the batteries, wires, or chargers that you can use later with your other devices.

• Do not forget to take them back up of your data before permanently deleting that.

• If there is any online storage attached to your device, then do not forget to remove that.

Why is it not recommended to throw old devices during office clearance?

The usage of technology in offices is so much, and we should be extra cautious during office clearance. We can not throw our electronics stuff in a dump without taking any precautionary measures. Next question that is popping in your minds that, why it's not recommended to throw electronics if we are doing office electronics recycling or computer recycling? So, there are the following reasons due to which we should avoid dumping the electronics;

As we know, computers, mobile phones, and other electronic products made up of wires, plastic and they leave toxic material behind them if we do not dispose of them properly. E-waste can harm our environment; that's why we should consider ethically doing this without harming the environment.

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