Benefits of having a Vertical Garden for Home, or Office


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  • Published March 21, 2020
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Concrete buildings and architectures are replacing forests and greenery as the population increases and people move to cities. This leads to an increase in air pollution, resulting in health and other problems. While gardens are one option to increase the land cover in many cities, real estate rates are high. Hence the owners of buildings and other property are opting to have a vertical garden so that they can enjoy having a garden, though they do not have to use up much ground or floor space. Some of the benefits of having a vertical garden are discussed.

One of the main benefits of a vertical garden is that people in the area where it is installed will breathe cleaner air. Plants utilize carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and convert it into oxygen. Human beings require oxygen for breathing and emit carbon dioxide. Hence having plants can increase the level of oxygen in the area. Higher oxygen levels make a person more alert and the person will be more energetic. Though the amount may vary depending on the plants selected, a square meter area of vertical garden will typically extract two kg of carbon dioxide from the air, and produce 1.7 kg of oxygen in a year.

Another advantage of using a vertical landscape is that it will take comparatively less floor or ground space. In most cities the real estate rates are very high, so having a conventional horizontal garden is expensive for the property owner. On the other hand, the vertical space in many properties is not utilized. The oxygen produced depends on the area covered by the plants, it does not matter if they are growing horizontally or vertically. Hence having a vertical garden can help in utilizing the vertical space in many buildings which would be otherwise wasted.

In most tropical countries the temperatures are fairly high, and air-conditioning is required. This can increase the electricity consumed. The plants in the vertical garden have a cooling effect on the area around them, since they release water when temperatures are higher. Typically, the garden will help reduce the temperature in the building by 5 to 10 degree Celsius. This can also reduce the electricity bill, since less cooling will be required. Increasingly architects and interior designers are interested in designing environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings consuming less electricity, so these vertical gardens can help.

Noise pollution can adversely affect the productivity and also increase the stress levels. The plants in the vertical garden, along with soil and other planting media, moisture can provide sound insulation, partially blocking noise from outside entering the area. Studies indicate that being surrounded by plants can improve the mood of a person and also boost his productivity, so many businesses are opting for a vertical garden in their premises. The vertical gardens add a touch of greenery to the office, building or property where they are located creating a positive impression on the visitor that the business cares about the environment. Hence businesses and others are opting for one or more vertical gardens in their premises.

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