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  • Author Habibur Rahman
  • Published March 31, 2020
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A mobile phone is not an extra product in 2020. Rather, it has become a very vital and basic part of our lives today.

Most consumers are in danger of buying a mobile phone as there are so many smartphones in the modern market, it has become tough to decide which smartphone a user will choose or which one is right for him.

How to select the best smartphone ?

So before purchasing a smartphone there should be some knowledge about this. Before purchasing a new smartphone, a user must look at the financial plan, features, stability, product quality and other factors.

So before buying a good mobile phone for your suitability, here are the 9 things that you need to know.

  1. Price and Budget:

First thing to remember is your budget for the mobile phone. How much money do you want to spend on purchasing a mobile phone and getting the most features on that mobile phone at that value will be the best deal for you. Because if your budget is little, maybe not all the newest features will be existing on a mobile phone, and this is normal.

  1. Choose the Operating System:

Mobile phone operating system is very significant. Your phone's operating system is like Android OS. If you purchase an Apple phone then iOS is also very good. However, in terms of popularity, Android is the greatest.

  1. Smartphone processor:

This is the head of the mobile phone. In the middle of it integrated your mobile phone CPU, graphic processor, cache and various wireless parts. It is called a chipset. So you know the importance of it. All the data processors on your mobile phone are managed. And now mobile phones are not limited to just calling or browsing.

  1. Try to get 2 GB RAM:

RAM will speed up the process of the phone. One GB RAM is sufficient to spend a lot of money to purchase a phone. However, it is better if 2GB is provided with a little money or a change of first choice.

  1. Storage or ROM:

There are typically two types of storage on a mobile phone; Internal and External. Internal storage is of different size but you have to choose 16 GB because your budget is low.

  1. Camera resolution is not very important:

Camera resolution is not one of the most vital things. The high-resolution mobile camera pictures look a bit better but not the best. So it is silly to look for camera resolution over the phone, without other things.

  1. Screen size is not everything:

The first thing you must to see on the display is its size. However, the size is totally up to you. What it has to look at is its touchscreen and its resolution. The touchscreen must be multi-touchscreen and have a decent resolution.

  1. Design:

Currently, the mobile phones of many companies have come out with different designs. So before purchasing your phone, absolutely buy a good outlook. Because mobile performance is good, if the outlook is not good you will not like it at all.

  1. Battery:

Now there is a lot of work to be done with the phone so its battery backup is very much essential so before purchasing the mobile, make sure the battery is 3000 ml ampere for less.

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