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  • Published March 29, 2020
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Today we dive into the world of Technology. As content creators in the music, writing and the professional speaking industry, technology is inevitably a part of our everyday lives and careers. In this show, I’ll dive into streaming, expounding on the different podcasts and music streaming platforms as I get into my experiences and relationships with Apple.

Stay tuned to also find out the interconnection and relation between Cable Tv, 5g, AI and how it’s going to largely affect our lives moving forward.

Episode Show Notes

As compared to its closest rivals Apple Music and Pandora, Spotify has seen an astronomical rise in its popularity and growth. In the show, I discuss some of the advantages that Spotify enjoys over its competitors and some of the reasons behind its success.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with Apple Music? What ties us to their products and services.

There’s more on technology as I also cover 5G networks and its relation to AI and Self-driving cars. Get my thoughts and opinions on how Self-driving cars will greatly save lives and plunge the rates in the insurance industry.

Also, in today’s internet-dependent world, it’s no secret that privacy is quickly fading away and our data is vulnerable to numerous external attacks. Brave Browser is definitely one of the alternative tools you can use to protect yourself from such threats and perils.

Don’t forget, you can easily catch last week’s show about Alan Stein Jr who is a thought leader, author, speaker and coach. Some of the things we dig into in the show include Alan’s early morning 3:30 am meet up with Kobe Bryant and valuable tips and techniques about coaching, mindset, and the importance of the basics and fundamentals.

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