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  • Published April 18, 2020
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Pre-workout is a category of supplements for those who go to the gym. You've probably heard the term through the locker room. This is what it is called, but in many cases, it is already late if you take it fixed before training. It depends ... how long is your path to the hall. If you do more than 20 minutes, it is okay to take it in the locker room.

Pre-workout gives you extra energy during your workout and helps dilate your blood vessels. Its effect is comparable to about five espressos. Plus something else to help you feel like you can move mountains. I tell you from now on that this supplement is not for everyone. Cardiacs, for example, should be kept away.

Then, even if you are a very healthy person, you may not like taking the supplement. I make a comparison again in plastic terms: we keep the parallel with the espresso and put a few palms from the clear. It gave a strange feeling of restlessness and sometimes unpleasant tingling in the palms.

When you should take the Pre Workout supplements?

If you go to the gym late at night or early in the morning and feel that your workouts do not go at the pace you could take. If you are already shooting to the maximum and have minimal breaks between sets, no supplement is required. Improvements in training will be marginal.

It is not advisable to use pre-workout supplements even if you are a beginner. The risk of injury is very high when you want to move the hall two stairs away just by pushing it. The reverse also appears: you will find workouts boring without.

It is best to get used to going to the gym and to shoot properly, increase the intensity naturally and resort to pre-workout only when you are capped. However, you must understand that Pre Workout does not take the place of sleep and is not good for energizing if you had any thoughts in this direction.

What does a pre-workout supplement contain?

Caffeine. A consistent portion, comparable to several coffees, but served at once. Things do not end here, because there are several substances with vasodilating effects. If you push hard enough during your training, you will feel that you are very close and your muscles will burst from how much they swelled. But don’t be afraid, this thing doesn't happen in reality.

Depending on the variant, pre-workout also contains amino acids, as well as other substances, including carbohydrates, as an energy source. This is something you need to consider in case you follow a strict regime.

The most common vasodilator found in a pre-workout supplement is arginine. It supports your body in the generation process of nitric acid, which causes blood vessels to dilate and stimulates the process of protein synthesis. To an extent, you can get most of the benefits of a pre-workout from two cups of coffee and an amino acid concentrate that also includes BCAA. But it will not be the same and you may miss the dosage. Creatine is another common ingredient for many pre-workout formulas, but it is found in fewer products compared with caffeine or arginine.

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