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Which graphics tablet should you choose to get started?

For a first drawing attempt on a graphic tablet, it is largely preferable to go on an entry-level tablet, at less than 80 €.

Whether you are already an artist or not, the feeling of drawing on the tablet, as well as the drawing method, is very different from drawing on paper and mastering drawing on graphic tablet is difficult. This is why the initial investment must be light, many designers try themselves a dozen times on a tablet before reselling it.

For the choice of brand or size of the tablet, there is no particular recommendation to follow. Wacom markets tablets of good quality, but other manufacturers offer equivalent products at more aggressive prices.

For the size of the tablet, the A6 or A5 formats are preferable in order to acquire a cheap tablet, but the other formats are not to be excluded if you think you feel more using on A4 or A3.

Which graphic tablet to choose instead?

For users who have already used a graphics tablet for several years, changing the graphics tablet is more difficult.

For the brand, Wacom is certainly the only choice, their tablets and styluses being the best on the market. For the choice of the model, the opinions of professionals on the Web are very rare. Logical evolution would require you to purchase the top range model or the latest update for your current tablet.

Rather, it will be your budget that will determine the range of graphics tablets you purchase, while the tablet size is generally the same as your previous tablet, but this may be an opportunity to change.

Which size of graphic tablet to choose?

There is no size more suitable than others, it is rather your workspace and your preferences that determine the size of your tablet.

The small shelves are practical, because the entire drawing space is accessible with a small movement. The A3 and A4 tablets require much larger gestures, but some designers like to make larger gestures.

It is all a matter of personal preference, but if you plan to buy your first tablet, think carefully about the size since it will be your preferred size later. For a second tablet, a format change is possible, but do not skip the steps, for example from A6 to A4.

What is the difference between a graphics tablet and a touch pad?

Graphics tablets are real drawing and digital painting tools, use to create very precise illustrations. The touch pads are intended for conventional use: internet, e-mail, videos, etc.

Unlike graphics tablets, the touchscreens are not designed for artists, even if some of them start using an iPad for digital painting. Not all touch pads offer a stylus, but if necessary, a Wacom brand stylus provides precision equivalent to a tablet from the Bamboo range, on iPads and Android tablets. In itself, a touch pad can be very practical for a designer who likes to sketch outside.

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