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  • Published May 6, 2020
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When it comes to the people you love, you always want to give the best. So, it’s no surprise why you want to make every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or weddings extra special.

Through gifts, you can express how important a person is. So, you should get gift items that will completely display how much you love that person. So, why not craft gifts using images made from text?

Pictures with Text As Unique and Cool Gift Items

Are you running out of gift ideas? Images can be incorporated with words and mounted them on a great canvas. Then, you can put your personal touch to these images and create a unique gift item.

Interestingly, you can incorporate your message, wedding vows, lyrics, or poem into an image. This means that you can create personalized gifts for your loved ones. Not only that, but you can also add more creativity to the image. After you discover how to create pictures with text and print them on your chosen canvass, you can try the following gift ideas:


If your family and friends love to read, it’s an excellent idea to give them photo bookmarks. Instead of ordinary ones, you can give them bookmarks using pictures with text. As they look closer, they can read the text. You can also put tassels, ribbons, or strings on them.


Photo blocks are excellent presents for kids. You can use images made from text like family portraits, silly shots, and others so that you can have many options to mix and match. Although they don’t know the message yet in each image, they can appreciate it when they grow up.

Pull-Out Photo Albums

Every photo tells an incredible memory or story. You may already live in a digital world, but photo albums are timeless gifts. You can form the printed image into a concertina shape. Each leaf is an image, and make sure to pop them in a box. Once being pulled up; photos will be revealed.


A personalized photographic calendar is another way to help everyone remember people’s birthday. It can also be a nice photo gift for your loved ones. Apart from they will not forget important events, they will always remember you.

Wrapping Paper

For sure, your gift would be more interesting if you will start a personal touch on the gift wrap itself. You can print images made from the text on your chosen material, where you can use your photos. That way, the receiver will not forget who gives them the gift.

With the above gift ideas using pictures with text, you will never run out of cool and unique things to give to your loved ones. Apart from these gifts are personalized, you can also express your creativity. So, start getting photos made from text.

You can always express your love and care to everyone through personalized gifts. Transform picture into words and spread your affection to your loved ones. Order now at https://photo-to-text.com

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