ADN Coin: Benefits of Holding Our Coin

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  • Published May 8, 2020
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ADN Coin: Benefits of Holding Our Coin

Trade ADN Coin across different exchanges to avail of its services. In this blog, we identify the ones who will benefit the most from ADN digital asset.

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Especially due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, we urge you not to regard any information found in this blog as investment advice. Please seek independent financial advice from a professionally-capable person before you make any investment decision.

ADN Coin is a cryptocurrency that utilizes the innovation and security that blockchain technology offers. At the moment, it is an ERC-20 token, which means that it was created by our proponents on the Ethereum blockchain. We are developing our own blockchain and we will be performing a token swap when it’s completed.

Nevertheless, we believe that being built on Ethereum brings us other benefits as there are different cryptocurrency wallets that allow users to store ERC-20 tokens. Some of them are hardware wallets, like Trezor; web wallets, like MyEtherWallet; desktop wallets, like Atomic and Mobile Wallets like AladdinWallet & Aladdin pro.

On the other hand, we believe holding ADN Coin will greatly benefit our users for a variety of reasons. Check out below the various industries and practices that our coin will improve.

A Real Digital Asset

ADN Coin is an asset recognized by various exchanges and organizations. In fact, our asset is being actively traded across 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, which are as follows: Bitforex, CoinBene, CoinTiger, CoinAll, Bitker, P2PB2B, TOPBTC, DOBI Exchange, IDAX, and OOOBTC. We formally announced our asset in early 2019, yet we have already been listed on the said exchanges, with Bitforex leading the charge.

ADN also got listed on Tokenncoin, which proves that we are serious with our endeavor and that we are here to stay for the long run. At the time of writing, our coin is ranked 349. We expect drastic changes to the rankings once Tokenncoin updates its ranking methodology. Nevertheless, we hope to be in a better position once the said metrics are implemented.

Crypto traders who want to diversify their portfolios may consider ADN Coin Price, especially because it is being made available across many platforms and it is only beginning to gain popularity in the crypto world.

Blockchain Consensus:

We will be using the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism for various efficiency reasons. ADN Coin will play a crucial role in maintaining the stability of our ecosystem. As mentioned in our ADN whitepaper, each member of our ecosystem will need to stake ADN Coins to become a delegate. We will hold voting sessions from time to time to make sure that there will be no monopoly of power.

Those who will win the votes will become delegates for a time and will be responsible for validating transactions on the ADN blockchain. They will share the block rewards as well. That is why having ADN Coins will empower users to participate in the maintenance of consensus within our ecosystem.

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