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Promotional gift items are one of the best ways to not only promote your company, but also to advertise your product and services. As a matter of fact, 70% of companies use corporate gift items in their marketing campaigns.

Depending on their marketing goals, marketers can choose to distribute giveaway gift items including, customized notebooks, branded notepads, promotional plastic pens, leather keychains, USB drives, or drinkware gifts if they are looking to mass advertise their business; or surprise VIP and executive clients with more premium gifts including, corporate diaries, leather organizers, premium pens, business folders, desk accessories...

As opposed to other traditional or online marketing strategies that cost thousands if not millions of dollars, promotional items are cost effective gifts that are able to

Increase sales, as a matter of fact 24% of gift giving generated a sale or lead.

Introduce your product and service offering to several people, as a matter of fact 27% of people said that a gift resulted in referrals.

Improve customer relationship, as a matter of fact 63% of companies attributed better customer relationships to gift giving.

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When choosing the right corporate gifts, marketers should take into consideration the following:

  1. Sometimes less is more:

Promotional items are often accompanied by the company's name, slogan, and logo, however, sometimes, when the company is well-known, the logo is sufficient to achieve one's branding goal.

  1. The promotional items should be related to one's brand offerings:

It is important to notes that the merchandise gift items should be related to the brand offering, to the industry or to the type people that the brand caters to. For example, you can often see ash trays with cigarette brand on it; lighters are often used by cigarette companies as well since ash tray and lighters are used along with cigarette. Easy recognition and association of the promotional items to the product of the company are the aims why it is important that the promotional items should be related on the product or company. There are several other examples like golf umbrellas for golf equipment; key chains for car manufacturers, coffee mugs for coffee outlets, and so on.

  1. The right logo size:

To encourage customers to use these giveaways, it is always necessary to add your logo discreetly, and not too big. For example, a big print of the company's name or logo at any portion of t-shirt should make the person wearing it a walking billboard. As tempting as it may be, an obvious advertisement is not acceptable to many users.

  1. Quality, Quality, Quality:

Remember, corporate gifts are a extension to one's branding strategy, as such it is always better to gift a small number of consumers with high quality corporate gifts, rather than a larger number of customers with low quality gifts items.

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