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  • Published May 19, 2020
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COVID-19 crisis is taking over the world, and the entire globe is reeling under the threat of it. Most of the places are completely shut down. They have affected the global livelihoods due to lack of consumption and the slump in the growth and downfall of several industries, especially small and medium enterprises.

It is not hard for laypersons to understand that the lockdown of enterprises and establishments leads to losses. Eventually, they end up filing for bankruptcy, thereby negatively impacting millions of lives across the world. But how in the world, ONPASSIVE, a unicorn AI technology company is dealing with the crisis?

Indeed, this thought would have crossed your minds several times. But before that, let’s fully understand this.


ONPASSIVE is a unicorn AI-technology company that adopts the massive and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology to build their products. The machine learning algorithms are devised and implemented by the intelligent machines programmed by the IT intellectuals.

Moreover, the function of the company relies heavily on the internet. The goal of ONPASSIVE is to promote budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses by automating their business functions and ensuring effective business delivery.

ONPASSIVE bundles AI and real-time flow analysis using machine learning to build an AI-driven business platform and communication. It helps businesses review their operations and offer rich insights that can effectively improve their financial graph to go upward with our technology.


The COVID-19 crisis-affected several businesses cutting across the globe and industry verticals. The entire globe is suffering the Corona pandemic, and millions of livelihoods and thousands of lives are already lost because of the epidemic. However, ONPASSIVE’s employees and the leaders have stood against the tide. They have not relented because the rich AI technology holds good against any challenges the world is facing right now.

The technology developed in house by the company is the backbone for many businesses and will continue to sustain even during the COVID-19 adversity. The enterprises are successfully running and are affected by the pandemic’s global impact. The primary reason is that the company has taken great care that businesses are free from manual intervention and can be monitored from remote places.

The advantage of spawning an industry and running it remotely avoided the need for manually intervening with other employees, and thereby all those businesses managed to secure themselves and their workers from the global epidemic.

How ONPASSIVE can grow your business?

The global epidemic impacts the growth of businesses all over the world. However, the unicorn technology company – ONPASSIVE – has managed to maneuver around the crisis and continue to grow your businesses. The ability to automate business functions using the sophisticated Artificial Technology shielded businesses from the rapidly-spreading epidemic and impact the operations of companies.

The visionary outlook of the organization in developing advanced technology resulted in the continuity of businesses’ growth, despite the fact the entire world economy has taken a hit in the last quarter, and people are losing jobs. However, this unicorn tech company is different. The development and adoption of AI technology into businesses have kept the losses away from AI-backed enterprises. When organizations from all over the world are laying off employees or sending them on vacation, it is truly inspiring and motivating to see the enterprises that have adopted AI are shielded from the Corona onslaught. Let us take a step further and see what ONPASSIVE reviews are from their existing clients.


Organizations that are running on our exceptional AI platform are flooding our mailboxes with enormous positive reviews, and they’re pretty glad that they went with ONPASSIVE.

The AI platform is what keeping those businesses alive because there is no physical intervention whatsoever, be it, clients, operations, sales, marketing, recruitment, etc. All of the business functions are automated and free from human interactions

The customers are overwhelmed by the potential of our technology and ONPASSIVE reviews. Several new customers have enquired about the ONPASSIVE and are keen to adopt the AI platform to operate their businesses without manually interacting with the actual customers.

This approach not only saved business millions of dollars in the operations but was visionary to hand-hold the firms during the global pandemic where most of the businesses are winding up their operations.

The companies that are using the AI platform are extremely satisfied and happy about the ONPASSIVE platform. The reviews are highly overwhelming, and we are witnessing how our AI platform saved millions of jobs across the world. As the operations are entirely automated, and the business is run remotely already, the services were not at all abruptly affected due to the outbreak.

Our existing customers reported that their companies were doing not only better, but some of them reported that the COVID crisis has made their business perform even better.


What’s interesting to observe here that is ONPASSIVE is completely shielded from the present crisis that is concerning the whole world’s economy. The organizations utilizing our platform are reporting how their business was already online, and they didn’t have to undergo any change in their working culture or environment for that matter.

ONPASSIVE reviews confirm our vision that incorporating the AI platform not only improves the performance but also builds a stable business that is hardly affected by the external factors.

The ONPASSIVE reviews also confirm that a completely remote company is a reality and not impacts the delivery or revenue generation in any way. On the other hand, by being an online entity, your business can genuinely expand its market and target a whole new segment of customers of the other part of the world.

By being a truly global business, you can multiply your business revenue exponentially and accumulate wealth even during the distress times. The surplus you earn from the market growth can, in turn, be spent on the healthcare of your employees and your family and stay safe from the outbreak that is breaking the spirits of the entire world almost.

Hi, my name is Chris. Covid19 is spread all over the world. Let's see how Artificial Intelligence can help us in this difficult phase.

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