Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For A Female At Home: The Victory Stretch

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Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home

Ever had the feeling to work out first thing in the morning but when the alarm went off, you hit the snooze button? Well, you're not alone. Motivation and time are both factors that prevent people from exercising. Hence, you must rely upon a convenient exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home. For instance, 5-minute workouts will help you burn belly fat and fit into almost any schedule. The following are a series of quick exercises, applicable once you get right out of bed each morning.

The Victory Stretch

Stand in a straight position, Then, reach your hands directly up above you, like how you might when you experience victory. Hold that position for about 1 second.

Next, reach down to the floor with your legs in a straight position and remain for a second. As you reach down from the upward position, also loosen your back. Also, loosen the back of your thighs and your arms. As a result, you will receive the optimal benefits of this stretch upon your muscles.

Elevate and reach back up above you to the position in step 1. Next, repeat steps 2 and 3 going up and down for 9 more repetitions.

Leg Lifts

Many women have a hard time in an exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home. However, an exercise of 20 leg lifts will trim your waistline. This is a simple exercise that is powerful for belly fat burning.

Lay down on your back with your arms against the floor at a 45-degree angle on each side of you.

Bring your legs up to a vertical angle with your knees bent and lower legs horizontal. Let your upper body balance the weight of your legs and support their position.

Position your legs again so that they point up in a straight vertical position to the ceiling. Hold in this position for a second to prepare for the next movement.

Then use your core to lift your torso and legs upward about an inch. Your rear-end and abdominal region should lift off the floor just a bit. This movement will also push your legs upward. As you perform this lift, you will feel tightening in the area below your belly button. Ensure that your legs remain at a 90-degree angle and do not lean.

Jumping Jacks

Take the heat of your workout to another level with a set of 25 jumping jacks. This routine will result in sculpted shoulders and arms through fat-burning cardio. Also, jumping jacks will boost your heart rate.

Hop in place as you wave each arm from above your head to your waist simultaneously. With each hop, also pivot each leg outward then bring them together as you land.

As you perform each jumping jack, reach wide and high with your legs in your arms. If you have bad knees, ankles, or hips, feel free to reduce the intensity of your movements.

Continue to reach high, touch to the side, and arms wide for a total of 25 jumping jacks.


Burpees are a great exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home. Standing, lunging, and kicking are the series of movements combined in this particular activity.

From a standing position, bend down with your knees bent to your chest. Place your hand on the floor in front of you as if you are about to do a push-up. You should be in a hunched, crouching position.

From a crouching position, kick your legs and feet directly backward. As a result, you should be in a standard push-up position. In other words, your upper body will be supported by your hands and arms.

Next, hop your legs forward to bent chest position as your arms remain on the floor in front of you. You should now be back into a hunched, crouching position.

Stand back up straight from your crouch, then repeat steps 1 through 3 for a total of 10 burpees.


Belly crunches are a great exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home. Grab a comfortable workout mat, hit the floor, and enjoy this fat-blasting workout. These targets the upper section of your abdominal muscle group. Hence, perform this exercise with other workouts that target the remaining ab muscle groups. But most importantly, ensure that your neck and back have proper support so that you don’t strain them.

Rest your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet positioned about hip-width apart and flat.

Place each hand behind your head and let your arms rest horizontally on each side of you. Your hands will support your neck for the next move.

Proceed to reach your chin upward and allow your torso to follow.

Within a second of each upward movement, let your chin and torso drop backward. As you move upward, it will cause a crunch in your abs as each motion creates pressure.

Try for a total of 20 crunches. Using a medicine ball will allow the targeting of more ab muscles such as the rectus abdominis. Feel free to add a ball to this workout if you want a fun and challenging variation of the crunch.


In conclusion, start off simple with one or two of these exercises. Perform each in a single session and gradually progress to more. With time, your muscles will strengthen, your waistline will tighten and you will feel better than ever! For effective belly fat reduction, a combination of these workouts is recommended. If you just choose one, it may be easier to do but harder to achieve belly fat loss.

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