Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For A Female At Home: Hips, Kicks & Sides

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Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home

Keep in mind that a single abdominal exercise performed repeatedly won't give you washboard abs. Instead, use a combination of abdominal exercises to strengthen and tighten your waistline. Exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home should incorporate the deeper and lower abdominal muscles. Applied knowledge of your anatomy along with consistency and patience are the keys to a smaller stomach. So let’s start with a basic study of our ab muscles, then examine exercises to shrink your tummy.

Ab Muscle Anatomy 101

Basic knowledge of how the abdominal muscles work can be helpful to reduce your stomach. For example, know that the rectus abdominis muscle is a postural muscle. It is also a paired muscle that runs vertically, with distinct segments on each side. Furthermore, this ab muscle causes a six-pack waistline to be visible. Another notable ab muscle is the transverse abdominis. Within the abdominal region, it lies horizontally and deep beneath the rectus. Look at this muscle as a supportive one, it acts as a girdle to strengthen the core. In addition, another purpose of the transverse abdominis is to decrease the risk of a back injury.

Side Plank

Transition into a side plank position. Accomplish this through a horizontal leaning position on the floor. Place one elbow directly underneath your shoulder and use it to support you. Stack your legs and feet in a parallel manner, with your ankles touching. Place your other hand on your hip. Your body should remain in a straight line, with only one elbow foot and ankle touching the floor.

Hold this position for about 10 seconds and maintain regular breathing consistently.

Dead Bug

Lay on the mat face up on your back like a dead bug, then raise both knees up simultaneously.

As you raise your knees, hold your abdominal area, and allow it to contract.

Maintain a natural curve of your lower back.

Keep your knees raised, then fully extend your arms and legs outward.

Lower your right arm and left leg simultaneously until it touches the ground.

Bring your right arm and left leg back up into the position from step 1.

Hold that position for a second, then extend the right leg and left arm. Hold for about five seconds.

Return your right arm and left leg back to the step 1 position.

Perform a total of 5 reps using the opposite leg and arm each time.

Extension of the leg should create enough space between the heel and the ground beneath you. Also, your hands should maintain a little space as well. With the proper positioning, you will keep constant tension on your abdominal area and the lower back. Remember to keep a slow and controlled breathing pattern, and maintain natural spine curvature.

Hip Bridge

Lay across your mat with heels positioned just in front of the midline of your knee cap. Place your arms either on your chest or alongside your body.

Next, drive your hips upward towards the ceiling, then hold for 5 seconds.

Lower your hips, then repeat another upward hip thrust. Perform each thrust for 10 reps.

This workout is very intensive on the hamstring, glutes, and lower back. Before each elevation of the hips, purposely allow your glutes to contract.

An Alternate Version of The Hip Bridge

Lie down on your back against the exercise mat, facing the ceiling.

Raise your knees towards your chest and hold for 5 seconds.

Lower your knees and hips back down to the mat.

Repeat each knee raise and lower for 10 reps.

Roundhouse Kicks

In martial arts movies, you may notice a defensive attack called the roundhouse kick. This move is not just made for ninjas, it’s also a great exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home.

To start, elevate your leg off the ground and quickly sweep it in a sweeping half-circle motion in front of you. It should look as if you kicked with your leg in a frontal roundhouse motion.

Repeat the same kick with your other leg, then the opposite for additional reps.

With each roundhouse kick, keep your abs tight, your spine straight, and breathing consistent.

Alternate between each leg and perform a total of 10 kicks.

The Truth About How Our Food Is Altered

The truth about our food can be hard to swallow, and unhealthy food is difficult too once you’re aware of its truth. A specific type of flavor enhancer commonly used in junk foods is MSG or monosodium glutamate. Avoid any food that is wrapped in a package or box, but most of all avoid this ingredient. If you eat MSG-tainted foods, it will surely be difficult to drop the weight from your waistline. Those who eat this type of food experience an increase in their appetite and they eventually gain weight. Consequently, this food additive is mind-altering and will cause your brain to remain in a state of malnourishment. As a result, the person who consumes MSG eats and eats, sometimes excessively. So don’t always assume your food is healthy and pure. In order to sell their foods, companies don’t always provide MSG labeling. Instead, they disguise the MSG as some other additive name. Hence, we must always read the ingredients of food and be aware of the ingredients to avoid. Stay away from anything with modified food starch, modified corn starch, autolyzed yeast extract, natural flavors, and smoke flavors.


In conclusion, combine applied knowledge with determination, consistency, and effort in your exercise in order to win. This article is here to equip you with facts to make you smarter about exercise, weight loss, and your diet. Begin to look at exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home as fact-based fun. The more you apply the facts about how your body works, the more fun you will have. As a result, you’ll mask the work part which many beginners dread. Like the joy of learning how to play a new game as a child or a hobby as an adult, approach exercise as fun too. Before you know it, the belly fat will be gone and you will have the waistline of your desire.

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