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  • Author Edmund Brunetti
  • Published April 26, 2020
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The forex trading world is a very polarising place. It can be a haven for some but more often than not, as many people who lack training have tried everything, they could but still failed to tell you, it can be a very confusing place.

Advances in technology have allowed for easier access to trading the forex markets, anyone with a smart device with a screen can attempt to make money. It’s that easy, but actually making money has proved time and time again to be the hard part.

The problem is most people, before they even begin, view trading as a sort of easy way to get money and riches. They don’t prioritise an education in forex trading, and they are sorely under equipped when they do take the plunge and tackle the market. As a result, they fail, blaming the markets. These are very preventable things, things that a quick online forex trading program could have mitigated.

The various millionaire philanthropist personas we see online hailing trading forex as the source of their millions certainly don’t help either. Whereas it is true that forex trading can earn you a lot of money and some of the best traders earn millions, these Internet personalities armed with half-truths do more harm than good. A lot of them describe forex trading as a way to become a millionaire within a very short time.

They stress on the benefits and positive aspects of trading and avoid all the not very pleasant aspects of trading, like how long it takes, what you stand to lose if you aren’t properly prepared, the level of psychological fortification you will need as well as the fact that forex trading is far from easy. As a result, people misinformed by these personalities move in droves towards an almost assured collective failure.

The Truth

The truth is that forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme and needs to be viewed as an endeavour that requires patience, skill, and the correct mentality. These things need to be ingrained into you over time through training and practice. If you receive proper forex training, things like anger at losing trades and a fear of the market will be pre-emptively addresses and will have neither have the chance to impact your future trading nor have any place in your trading career as they tend to hinder the success of any trader.

Beginners wouldn’t even know where to look, the internet is flooded with numerous sites that purport to be the best at providing forex training for beginners, but there are a few tell-tale signs that you will need to look out for and avoid at all costs. The most important of them include promises of getting rich very quickly, this is the biggest sign of deception, as well as downplaying how important the role of psychology is in forex trading. Any good forex trading program will tach you that you will not be able to trade your best if you’re off your game, something that happens a lot in trading if you aren’t mentally prepared.

An education in forex is the best way to start your career in forex trading. Once you have the right training, there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve.

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