5 fancy ways to propose love

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  • Published May 15, 2020
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Proposing love is as difficult as it sounds. Many people spend a lot of time thinking about how to propose, how to impress your loved one or what kind of proposal you will have. And so for readers today, there are 5 fancy ways to offer love, regardless of gender.

Birthday surprise:

On the day of the birthday, the mind of the loved one is already very good. So this day is a perfect day to express love. Take gifts and flowers to surprise your loved one on his or her birthday. After giving birthday wishes and giving gifts, let him know that you love him at a convenient time of the day. Also tell her that you have chosen her birthday as a special day to tell her love words.

FM Radio:

Nowadays, many people regularly use FM. Listens to the radio. If your favorite person is on FM. If he has a habit of listening to the radio, then he can watch FM You can tell the word of love on the radio. In this case, find out the schedule of his favorite event. Then make sure the person you love is listening to that show at the time. Then find out the phone number of the radio program and arrange the phone call at the right time. If necessary, you can take the help of radio jockey.


Make a scrapbook with pictures, SMS and other memories of different times. You can buy a sketchbook to make a scrapbook. Then glue the pictures and memorabilia on the pages with glue. Write the words of your love on the very last page of the scrapbook.

Candles and flowers:

Don't go for less that your full potential. Offer love in a slightly different way to make your loved one your own for the rest of your life. Make a heart shape with a candle in the open field, on the roof or in the house. Then spread red rose petals in it. Call your loved one and light the candles. Then let him really say the words of your love.

Write on the cake:

Everyone loves to eat cake. Having a cake at a festival or occasion makes it even more frozen. And so you can celebrate the occasion of expressing your love by cutting a cake. Suddenly one day you can write a huge cake about your love and take it to your loved one. Your favorite person will be shocked to see the words of love written on the cake.

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