How A Cup Of Tea Make You Millionaire/Rich?

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  • Author Waqas Kamal
  • Published May 24, 2020
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Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the Indian subcontinent and every ordinary household spends thousands of rupees a month on it.

There is no time for tea drinkers to drink it and no excuse. They consider only one cup of tea as the cure for all their ailments and spend millions of dollars a year on it.But today we present to you such a woman.Will tell the story of who earned millions of doller instead of spending millions of dollars in love with this tea.

Bhakti Tea.

The story is about a woman named Brooke Eddy, the CEO of a tea company called Bhakti, who went to India in 2002 to seek spiritual peace.

Like many other people’s.Her life was devoid of any purpose and his journey as a hippie was to explore the spirituality of India in his journey where he was influenced by many other things in India.The tea is over.

After living in India for a year, when she returned to the United States, she missed the tea a lot,but nowhere in American society did she find such tea that she made tea at home according to the Indian way.And according to the hospitality she had learned from the Indian society,she invited other people to her house and started giving them tea.

People liked this tea very much and people started asking him about the recipe of this tea.This gave Brooke an idea of ​​business and she started supplying this ginger tea on demand and his own.He named the tea brand Bhakti.

Her brand became so popular that people were willing to invest in his business and so in 2007 she registered Bhakti Tea as a regular brand and in a country like USA where people are hot and cold.There were coffee ropes and Bhakti started packing cold tea under the name of tea.

Their success can be gauged from the fact that many large hotels started offering Bhakti Tea along with coffee - even in 2018 their brand had not only become an international brand but also. Its turnover reached in millions of dollars.

And so a cup of tea changed the life of a woman and she not only drank tea but also earned money from it and taught women around the world the lesson that if the intentions are strong, success can be achieved.It is not difficult.


You see how rich a woman can be because of one cup of tea.To be rich, you must have a good idea and a determined intention like Eddy.I hope this motivational post will boost your thinking.Please don’t forget like,comment and sharing.After all Sharing is caring😊✅

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