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  • Published May 27, 2020
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Every artist wants to be recognized. So do I. Fahad Virani was born on 10th September 1996 in Karachi, Fahad Virani is an artist who draws and create sketches and visual art both digitally and traditionally (pencil and paper). He is renowned for his authentic and creative art skills that left a great impression of work in the people’s mind who sees his art. He is learning more skills and he is inspired through his enthusiasm of art.


Fahad belongs to a middle class memon family. His father is an employee at Estate agency fahad has always lived with his family in Karachi.

Education: Like all the kids he got admission in The International school of Studies he studies there till Kindergarten 2 then left the school after that. Then he got admission in The Montina School he completed his Matriculation there in Science (2014) then he completed his Intermediate in Pre-Engineering (2016) after doing his Intermediate he got managed to get the admission in Iqra University and chose the Media Sciences with majors in advertising.

Journey of the Artist: The emerging artist has been drawing and creating his own art work and creating the good impression of work in the minds of the people since the age of 9, initially starting out by creating superheroes of DC and Marvel on the paper and began to noticed by his family and friends, they support him from the start and still supporting him and his art work. He still love these superhero character and like to draw them. Soon he picked the famous cartoon characters and started practicing on them by creating his own versions then he started taking interest in face portrait sketch the very first sketch he made was his own which put a thought in his mind that there are lot of different techniques and skills in art which can be develop to become a good artist. There was a time when he lost his interest in art due to its scope in Pakistan he started to give more time I studies to get admission in a good engineer college but he failed to get the good grades for a engineering college he get to know that his place is not there, A man should always do what is he good at. Fahad Virani is a talented guy only just art is not his good skills he has but he’s good in photography, videography, choreographer and an amateur guitarist as well. After all he cleared his Intermediate and got the admission in Bachelor’s In Media sciences where he learned more good skills in art, he studied curses like Drawing and perspective, Advance drawing, Life drawing, photography, camera techniques and design on this time periods he discovered new techniques and new art skills which lead him to be a good artist but he always focused on art to be his path because he was good at it. Studying in media school was a great decision of his life he still completing his bachelor’s degree and learning further abut media and advertising.

Career: If we talk about his professional life, he is a good Graphic designer he learned the designing in his media studies he is currently working as a graphic designer in company called Ideal Power Solutions. He is also running his own page on Instagram and Facebook by the name of Viraniverse where he uploads his art work to showcase it to other artist and his followers. He currently learning digital art techniques in which he creates sketches and cari creature of human faces he is also learning human anatomy to make his superheroes figure drawings more accurate and it will help him in making the storyboards.

Mission: Fahad’s want to be an artist who is known by his work by his passion and by his dedication Fahad’s wants to be a recognized artist by his work and want to pursue his talent in this field and support the art community of Pakistan by showcasing his work and portray a creative side of Pakistan. Fahad is inspired by his teacher Mr. Ameer Zahir Ali, he an illustrator and storyboard artist of Pakistan.

Fahad’s vision is to be the most creative artist of Pakistan and wants to support the art community and develop interest in people in the field of art.

I am a final year media student and an Artist – Designer who loves to draw Sketches of different celebrities and create storyboards and other fine arts.

I have recently created my Instagram page where I am uploading my work

I am still learning new techniques and skills in this field.

Currently working at as a Marketing officer. I manage their Social media pages, helping in developing new ideas and opportunity for the compony

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