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  • Author Abiya Malhotra
  • Published June 1, 2020
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Born in Nepal, Anup often dreamt about sharing the cultural aspects of Nepal with the world. He found himself caught between the duties and responsibilities that surrounded and his love for music. He wished he could sing but he knew that his strength was in creating beats and producing music. These stories most often begin with artists going against their family and then struggling and hustling until they achieve their dreams but, to Anup’s surprise, his family supported his dreams. He realized that he could have a balance between earning an education, working full time and producing music to keep his passion alive.

Today, DJ Anup USA is not only a known name in Nepal but he is a well-known DJ in USA. He has made Houston, Texas his base and even with all the fame surrounding him, he is extremely down to earth. He is an all-rounder with mastery in House Music, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Bollywood, Latin Music and Reggaeton.

It is true that there are many DJ’s in this world but what sets him apart is that he the most sought-after DJ at some of the finest venues like Club Z and Gavanna in Texas; Club Déjà vu and Club Fahrenheit in Nepal amongst many more around the world. He has shared the stage with celebrity artists like Gajendra Verma, Esha Deol, Jyotica Tangri, Lauren Gotlieb, Arjun and Zack Knight. He believes in supporting artists and many new artists have shared that he supported them to produce music during their struggle period. It is rare to find someone who genuinely cares about the art and the people and he is a rare gem.

Most people are content with status quo and once they reach a certain level of stardom, they settle in and do not strive to achieve more but, DJ ANUP USA is not one of them. He is motivated and determined. After establishing himself in the music industry for five years, he started his own entertainment company called Entice Entertainment. He is a known name in the entertainment industry for hosting private events, charity events, destination weddings, concerts and DJ nights internationally.

He is proof that dreams do come true if you strategize and conceptualize on how to bring your dreams to life without compromising your personal and professional relationships and your responsibilities. You can access his work from his website www.djanupusa.com and receive his latest work by subscribing to his YouTube channel or by following him on Instagram and Facebook by searching for DJ Anup USA.

Contact DJ ANUP USA at www.djanupusa.com or follow him on instagram and Facebook at djanupusa

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