Top 10 Low Budget Living Room Interior Decor Ideas

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  • Published June 3, 2020
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Everybody loves a well-decorated home. But many associate the thought of interior designing with huge budgets and shun from doing so due to additional expenses. Well, that’s not true. In this article, we have collected the top 10 living room interior design ideas that are low on your pocket. The primary focal point for any house is the living room and we believe that decorating your living room can talk a lot about your personality. Therefore, here are the top 10 affordable living room interior decor ideas from one of the best architectural firms in the region.

  1. Purge all the excess clutter- It’s time to address it. A messy over stuffy house is never attractive. Hence, the first step before you even start thinking about designing your home is to declutter it. Having less stuff around will automatically give an illusion of a bigger and spacious home. Also, this step will help you meticulously plan on exactly what you wish your final outcome to look like.

  2. Get crafty- If decorating on a budget is what you're looking for then, you must consider getting your hands dirty. You need not be an art and craft specialist to do so. You can start with something as small as a square canvas painting. A crafty afternoon can be just enough to give your home the perfect makeover. You can log on to YouTube and choose a DIY with the limited supplies you have lying just around you home. As an interior design company in Dubai, we would suggest just color some old glass bottles or jars, add in some fairy lights and that can be a perfect table lamp or a hanging lamp in your living room.

  3. Reuse and repurpose- Much similar to getting crafty, if you still feel that art and craft is not your piece of cake, you can try to reuse the supplies just lying around your home. For example, You can repurpose an old ladder that is lying in your storeroom as a cute bookshelf or a rack. If you want to get extra creative, you can paint the ladder in a color that compliments your room color. Tip- adding a bright color repurposed bookshelf can instantly brighten up the look of a boring corner in your house. So, spot the boring corner and get experimental.

  4. Highlight collectibles- If you are someone who has a hobby to collect books or even stamps, here is your time to utilize these to elevate your home’s aesthetic. You can do this by either adding a bookshelf or creating a stamp wall or pasting these stamps on a wooden table adding a coat of clear pain and having a fully customized center or coffee table. Move things around, experiment with your collectibles, and have fun with the mix.

  5. Change to a new color palette- Most of the time, we make changes to the existing furniture or buy new home decor accessories to spruce up the look of our house but never ever think of changing the color of the room/house. Changing the color of your house can make a huge difference to the entire look of your home. So next time you think of decorating your home, keep coloring at least 2nd on your list. As leaders in the management consulting industry, here are a few tips to color your home. If your home has a white color palette going on, add bright color to the pillars or you can also keep a single wall that you want attention to be drawn to in another color. If you wish to get a little more creative, you can also choose to add texture on to the colored wall.

  6. Create focal points- A living room in any house makes the first impression. Thus, while designing for living rooms, it’s important to have a statement piece that draws attention and keeps visitors looking. It can be a chandelier, a well doctorate wall, or even a long 4-seater velvet couch. It doesn’t really matter what you want to use but it should scream ‘WOW’.

  7. Pictures tell beautiful stories- It is certain that we all have a photo album with us at home. Photographs can serve as a beautiful interior decor statement. You can either hang them or add them to the frames on your wall. If you have an existing photo frame and wish to elevate the look of those frames, add color to them or even spray paint them with gold or silver. Spray painting old photo frames are one of the best ways to elevate their look and make them stand out.

  8. Add mirrors- It’s no secret now that mirrors help to make your living space appear bigger. Apart from this, a fancy mirror can act as a statement piece in your living room and can accentuate the beauty of your home. Try to add a mirror on an empty dull wall and you will be amazed to see the difference it can make.

  9. Change the knobs- You must be thinking, how does this even make sense! But trust us when we say this, it does make a huge difference. Gold depicts richness and royalty, try replacing your existing hardware on tables, dressers, cabinets with gold knobs or fancy handles. The best part is that these are available in multiple styles and are cost-effective too, so you can eventually switch them out when the time calls.

  10. Add throw pillows and cushions- You can spontaneously elevate the look of your lousy couth or armchair by adding throw pillows or cushions. These help in adding patterns and textures to your overall makeover. Soft textures and subtle patterns immediately give a sense of coziness, while bright patterns and bold textures bring a more refreshing feel. So, play with these and see what works best for your space. Tip: You can also make a DIY cushion cover with your favorite top or t-shirt that you never end up discarding. This is your time to bring your unused, favorite clothes to use.

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