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  • Published June 17, 2020
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Staff who work at media desks often spend long hours staring at a screen, working to tight deadlines and crowding around a small area. These working conditions, while common can lead to poor posture which is harmful to employee health and to productivity for the business. In an industry where creativity needs to be harnessed at all times, media companies can’t afford for staff to be distracted, stressed or in ill health due to poor posture but we’ve got some tips for creating a space prized for productivity.

Perfect Arrangements

It is fairly common knowledge that for perfect posture to be supported in an office, workers must have a straight back, the screen an arm’s length away and the monitor be at eye-line but very few have desks that can accommodate this positioning. In order to encourage the correct sitting position, employ media desks that have raised monitor shelves, coupled with chairs that are height adjustable, to ensure that employees can see the screen and sit properly. Allowing them a more comfortable working environment will lead to less work-related injuries and help to promote focus.

Tidy Storage

Employees should have all the items they need to do their job on their desk, but nothing else as not to distract their attention. Of course, with ever changing workloads and multiple projects on the go, it is easy for media desks to become cluttered with release forms, files, paperwork and tapes. Instead a media desk with ample storage can allow workers to put things they are not working on away and to maintain a tidy space.

Natural Lighting

In offices, making the most of natural lighting can be difficult with lots of people to fit in, it’s not always possible to position media desks near to a window. The type of lighting in an office directly impacts productivity levels and if it’s not possible for natural light in all corners of the office, desk lamps that emulate natural light are a good investment.

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