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  • Author Volga Tigris
  • Published June 20, 2020
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It’s been a couple of months since this pandemic invades and flipped the world upside down. From being outgoing to being a home buddy real quick. It is when traveling is not a goal this time. We are in lockdown or on restriction to move. Our freedom is hold up!

We are making ourselves busier as we are used to the hustle of city life. In this time, we discover a lot of things, like most of us, turned into a baker or chef as we are trying those Pinterest and Youtube recipes that we have saved long back. We discovered that we are great actors and dancers even video editors through TikTok. And where washing of hands and wearing mask became a norm.

Definitely, this COVID-19 social distance us not only to each other but also to our normal busy life. Yes, this coronavirus pandemic is something that we never saw coming.

Most importantly, most of the businesses are suffering. Malls are closed, limitation of movement and timings, and early curfews. This really affected us as most of the business commonly cut cost through employees and salary where the purchasing power of the consumers was toned down.

However, as the saying says “When One Door Closes, A Window Opens” there are new opportunities that have come along the way to keep your businesses going through online and you should have a strong marketing leads for this.

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See the windows below for the windows of opportunities that opened during this pandemic.

Opportunity One: FREE is the word!

Giving free is like losing if you have nothing. Giving free trials or free services that will be paid in the next months is a good investment.

It will not make any revenues right now but it will eventually. Keep in mind that the word FREE will take your brand to the next level. Brand awareness will create something out of it where a large portion of the user will eventually turn into your paying customer and will make a good revue.

Your ship is big, have them on board. Get the customer, get the traffic. Then convert them into revenue.

Opportunity Two: Paid Ads are the cheapest form of ad

Yes, it is really cheap. I think online ads are the cheapest and the most efficient because you are right in from of the face of your target audience.

Big networks make money through auction system where they need small businesses to boost up their cost per click. So small business will ride on to this and keep the competition low key if the cost per click cost will decrease.

Since this pandemic made us all online and spending more time on Netflix, Youtube, and more video streaming so most of the streaming sites reduced their streaming quality to help. Meaning, they gave way to us, the traffic is on but the ads were few so the ads are cheaper. Just like the law of supply and demand.

Today is the perfect time to generate some paid ads.

Opportunity Three: Diverse geographical locations

This is a global pandemic. Virus cases vary depends on how the country manages the movement and governing the issue.

Meaning, you should consider diversifying the channels and demographics you get your traffic from. By making your content full and leveraging your SEO, you can quickly gain more traffic and make sure that it reaches your target audience.

Where now?

We never know when this will end. The daily count is increasing day by day. There is still no vaccine to cure COVID-19.

Keep yourself safe and practice social distancing. Make your brand on top of the rank and increase your presence digitally to survive on this pandemic.

See you online.

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