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  • Published June 29, 2020
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Human beings have a strong attachment to their beds. It is arguably the most important and essential furniture that we own. We have come a long way since ancient times of long ago when beds were made up of neatly and deliberately arranged grass and hay to these modern times where some beds have fully adjustable, reclining mattresses that have temperature control and allow you to set the temperature to your exact warmth preference. This article shall briefly explain the most important reason why one must buy a quality bed and then finally shall recommend the best way to go about ordering a bed.

The most important reason why we should all buy a quality bed is because it is important to sleep. Sleep is an essential function which contribute to our overall health. Doctors and health professionals all over the world agree and recommend that we get a minimum of eight to ten hours of sleep each and every single day. They explain that a person that has gone without sleep for more than twenty four hours is similar to a drunk person who has consumed a large amount of alcohol. They are bound to make many clumsy and avoidable accidents and mistakes.

When we do not get enough sleep within a twenty four hour period we accumulate a “sleep debt”. Sleep debt refers to the difference between the number of hours of sleep that we are actually getting and the number of hours of sleep that we should be getting. For example, if you only sleep for a total of six hours on a particular night, you will accumulate a sleep debt of two hours. It is of the utmost importance that at some time in the future, we catch up on our sleep and pay back this accumulated debt. We are unable to function at our best when we have a sleep debt

Whether you’re a brain surgeon who will be performing an important operation on another individual the next day or an athlete who shall be taking part in a grueling long distance marathon, the amount of sleep that you get the night before is an important factor which will contribute to your success at the task the next day.

In conclusion, it is important to buy a quality bed and sleep on it every single night. It is true to say that a better you begins with a better night. The best way to buy a quality bed is to shop for it online. Whether you’re looking for quality in South Africa or you’re looking for quality in Houston, Texas; it is far easier to find your desired bed by shopping for it online from the comfort of your home. Many companies offer the convenience of delivering your bed allowing you to pay cash on delivery after seeing and confirming that your desired mattress matches your expectations

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