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Windows and Mac are two most widely used operating systems nowadays in the world. Research shows that there are more than 100 million users of Mac operating systems worldwide. Many estimates suggest that there are more than 1 billion PCs powered with Windows in use in the world, whereas, Microsoft claims officially there are 400 million active users of Windows 10 itself in the world.

PDF is a free format that is supported by many operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX in some way. People from every field including teachers, students, writers, scholars, scientists, and officials of government use PDF for saving and sharing their data and information. PDF is very reliable when it comes to printing a document with images, tables and Graphics.

Who does not know about words, the most known editing used format, which is very easy to edit and also easily available for every operating system. Mac operating systems have special versions written by Microsoft for Mac OS. Why would Mac allow or give permission to have a special version of MS office for its operating system? This shows the importance of MS office as one of the most familiar tools in the world for sharing and saving data for online and offline use.

What are the ways of converting PDF into Word document in Windows?

There are different ways to convert your PDF file into word document in windows, the very 1st I recommend you is the conversion of files using MS word. Open your word home page and drag your PDF file to your word home page. It gives you a warning but do not worry about it and go ahead and edit your PDF file in word the way you want it. There comes a little issue when your PDF file has images, and graphs, but that is okay, as you can get these things fixed also.

Similarly, there is another way of getting your job done, that is through Google docs. Google docs is a very reliable way of getting this job done, because Google docs supports native and scanned PDF conversion and is a free service by Google online. You need not to download any software on your device and with just a stable internet, you can have your required results.

There are many websites on the internet that provide online conversion services and support almost every type of conversion that is images to PDF, PDF to images, word to pdf and pdf to word, and so on. Some famous and mostly used websites are Ilovepdf, PDF online, online2pdf etc.

What are different ways of converting PDF file into Word document on Mac

PDF and word files are equally famous for Mac users as they are for PC users. There are many easy by default and customized ways of converting PDF files into Word doc.

Let us introduce some of the easy ways so you can convert PDF files to word documents. Mac previews are used for this purpose, where you can copy your PDF file text that is opened in Mac preview and paste it in word document and edit it accordingly.

Another simple way is Google docs. Yes, you can do the same you do on your PC using Google docs. Google docs gives you a free of cost and easy way to get through this messy work of converting a PDF file to word document.

Online options are available for every operating system, be it Mac, Windows, Linux or UNIX. Online conversion is discussed above, so there is no need to go through all again. For online conversion you only need a stable internet and nothing else, of course you need you device 😊

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