Reasons to Try Live Stream Demo for Your Next Office Equipment Purchase

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  • Author Evan Rustia
  • Published July 31, 2020
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Traditionally, purchasing a copier typically involves hands on demonstration by a tech person from either a showroom or company visit. However, it's an option that may not be very convenient, at times like this, for both the client and solutions provider. Hence, to adapt with the situation, printer manufacturers and related businesses have to switch to live stream demos to present the machine.

There are good reasons why you should try a live stream demo if you're planning to get a new office equipment. Let's look at those reasons so when you're ready to make a purchase, you might consider asking your provider if they can do live demo. By the way, if they say no, find a new dealer that can give you more than just a showroom tour.

Time Saving

First of all it eliminates the need for you to travel to their warehouse or wherever their demo room is, or rather them visiting your office with the heavy machine you requested for demo. You simply schedule at appointment, tell them when do you prefer to setup the live stream demo, basically you're the boss here. Choose a time that perfectly fit your schedule and they will have it ready by then.

Multi Viewing

We know you can fit 10 people in a room and still have enough space, but can you imagine these people circling around a printer, not a good idea right. But, with live stream demo you still keep that multiple number of people to view that machine, at a much perfect, uniform angle. Not to mention you can just sit all throughout the demo process, maybe raise a hand if you got question, but that actually depends on the setup. Bottom-line, more people will appreciate the machine, get better insights of its feature and think of better ideas to make it useful for their department.


There are companies, Xerox for example, can provide a more interactive experience when it comes to live stream demo with their Xerox ConnectKey Technology. But the key here is that you should see all the available features, engage in the demo and have a full grasp of how the machine works and how you can configure it to match with your business or company needs.

Compare and Save

Since you're the boss here, you can request to have a demo of two machines from different series or brands. Ask the dealer what's the best or appropriate model for your needs, which you should have discussed prior to scheduling a demo unless you have a specific model in mind. They can give you a side-to-side comparison of two printers which can give you more details and will help you decide which one to purchase.

Evan writes news and articles related to the printing industry. He talks about new printer models and features beneficial for small to medium-size businesses. Evan also works with ABD Office Solutions, a trusted provider of document workflow solution, you can check to know more.

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