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  • Published August 3, 2020
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Looking for ways to optimize the indoor and outdoor space around your home is very important. Picking the right type of pot or planter is vital to utilizing space to its full potential.

Garden Pots and Planters are available in many sizes, shapes, colors as well as many different types of materials. Lifeless spaces that were once drab can be transformed into a bright, colorful and welcoming space inside or outside your home. Most of this type of pot or planter is horticultural based using soil, sunlight and an abundance of water.

Planters come in a variety of sizes; small, medium and large; the newest type of planter is a Garden Bag. These come in many different sizes ranging from a small 1 gallon bag to a whopping 30 gallons or more. Once you get larger than 30 gallons, you get into the waste and rubbish size gardening bag. They are also available in round, square or rectangular as well as a variety of colors, including, but not limited to; tan, green, black and gray.

The material used these days ranges from beautiful plastic raised vertical garden beds to wooden planters that you can add a tiki torch to wart off the bugs and mosquitoes. Ceramic pots are beautiful and range from simple to very ornate and trendy. Fiberglass garden pots are lightweight, but still look great and are very attractive.

Other garden planting is through hydroponic gardens and kits. These range from counter top gardens to grow tents and even large gardens or green houses. this is the newest and most innovative way to garden and make your wildest dreams come true. Using this type of system will allow your plants to grow and thrive without the need of sunlight, soil or watering on a regular basis. They are very affordable and can be found in many brick and mortar grow supply stores or at an online store where you can buy grow supplies and have them shipped directly to your home.

Other benefits of hydroponic gardens is that the insect and pest infestations are decreased, since they generally dwell in soil. It has been proven to be more efficient at growing all types of plants and vegetation, including herbs, fruits and flowers. Maintaining a hydroponic garden has never been easier and the yield of healthy, full-grown plants has never been more affordable or faster.

There are several types of systems to consider when looking at growing with "water." One being the Drip, Ebb and flow which consists of water steadily dripping on the roots of the plants through a hose, instead of being submerged in water. The Water Culture system (the second type) has a reservoir that contains water with a plant solution to feed the floating plants while submerging the roots of the plants. The third type is called Aeroponics and is predominately water and uses an airtight enclosure where the water is consistently misting the plants.

Other items to consider if you choose to use hydroponic pots or planter kits or systems is lighting and nutrients. LED lighting is a great way to help your plants to grow big and beautiful. The more watts you use in your light fixtures, the better and bigger your plants will grow, however, that also means that more heat is being exposed to your plants as well and you do not want them to burn or dry out. Keeping them the proper distance away and timing the hours that you have your light on will prevent this from being an issue. The other main item would be the nutrients needed to feed your plants and promote healthy growth.

All of these items are available online and in local stores of all types these days. Do your homework and choose the right pot, planter or grow system for the available space you have to fill.

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