How to Disassemble Furniture When Moving House?

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The moving process can be very stressful for the individual or the whole family. Moving your entire household items from one place to another can be very difficult. You must transport large and bulky pieces of furniture to your new location. Narrow doorways, narrow spaces, and long walkways can cause a headache. It makes the whole process of moving furniture more difficult. This is why you should either get professional removalists Cheltenham or dismantle the furniture yourself. Learn some instructions and how to disassemble the furniture when moving house.

Save money on your move

We all want to save as much money as possible on the move. In the case that you do not have to transfer your items to another continent, you can save a large amount of money. Disassembling furniture is not difficult if you have some spare time and patience and someone to help you.

Time Investment

The biggest problem and the main reason people decide against the disassembly path is that it takes a lot of time. But when you look at what you can save, this time invested is worth it. People make a disassemble in detail. This is not something to do. The main purpose of disassembly is to make the furniture portable for an individual. That is why you should disassemble your furniture into only major components, not the tiniest pieces. For example, if you disassemble a cabinet, you should simply separate the cabinet walls from their doors. This is something that one person can do, in many attempts, without any risk of harm.

However, people fear this extra time. This is why many people do not even ask how to disassemble furniture when moving home. We strongly believe this is a mistake. It's like when you come home from the supermarket and want to carry all the bags from the car at once. Then, while doing this, one falls and breaks a bunch of things. This is the case with people who move around but want to carry massive furniture at once.

How to prepare before disassembling furniture

The best way to start preparing yourself when dealing with every aspect of moving, including your furniture, is to make an animated checklist. It will help you not to forget anything when moving. After completing the to-do list before the moving day, be sure to make an inventory. The inventory will help you get an idea of ​​how many items you need to transfer. On the other hand, after completing your list, you will know how many large and bulky items you have. After you know how many pieces of furniture to disassemble, you will have to search rooms where these are. To disassemble the furniture, you will need:

●The right tools

●Free up space next to the furniture when dismantling it

●Ziploc bags

●Help from your friends


Before you start

There are a few things you may need to disassemble the furniture when preparing to move:

Get help and tools:

To be productive and avoid injuries when disassembling large furniture, be sure to ask your friend for help in advance. The first step is to get the tools you will need before you start your operation. Keep a screwdriver and a hammer in hand. Keep in mind that in some cases, you may need special tools designed for a specific piece of furniture. Check these details in advance so as not to delay the process in case the piece is lost and you have to purchase or order it from the manufacturer.

Search online for instructions:

To avoid a headache when dealing with your large furniture, make sure you have ready instructions. If you do not try to find it. Also, search the Internet for instructions on removing furniture.

The best way to disassemble furniture yourself

1.Access the situation- Before disassembling the furniture the best way to start is to evaluate the piece. The most unusual pieces of furniture are desks, sofas, and beds. Be sure to take a look at the furniture fixtures before disassembling anything. Find out what some structural work needs to do to disassemble properly.

2.Measure your furniture- After checking your furniture, be sure to measure each piece. This is important because you may not have to take apart every piece of furniture. If you can put it through your doors and walkways, the professional removals in Cheltenham will be able to load it onto the moving truck in one piece.

3.Disassemble furniture- It's easy to see sofa legs, bookshelves, beds, and similar items that are disassembled or separated. Note that some pieces of furniture have upholstery covering these points. Use your tools to disassemble each piece after finding the desired point.

4.Keep Ziploc bags handy- You'll need it to keep small pieces of furniture and other things. It is practical for things like screws and fittings. When packing them for transportation, be sure to keep the bags with the furniture you belong to.

5.Keep small pieces of furniture safe- Keep in mind that after this step you will have to reassemble each piece of furniture. That is why caution should be taken with small parts such as bolts and other fasteners. After dismantling the furniture, make sure that you place them inside and close the Ziploc bag. Don't forget to name it and keep it with the furniture that it belongs to. This way it will not be damaged or lost during the moving process.

6.Assess your environment- Before you start moving your furniture out of the house, be sure to evaluate your home. Look at all the obstacles in the house to make sure that you can move furniture easily from home.

Hope you now have some ideas on how to disassemble furniture when moving home. You can either call removals in Cheltenham or do it yourself. Regardless of anything, you should be sure to get professional supplies for your movement. Good luck and enjoy your time!

Isabella Brown is working in the marketing division of Removalists Cheltenham(CBD Movers™) for the past 7 years. For the past two years, I've been staying in Cheltenham. When, I'm not working I play with my kids and two pups.

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