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  • Author Elvis Mwinyi Mbitsi
  • Published August 13, 2020
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It could be the worst and best day to me

Best: -Run away from world’s problem (running is not the solution to the problem).

Worst: -I didn’t live the life I wanted (but everything is in God’s hands)

-Distancing from my family (Dad, Mom, brothers, Sisters) and friends who always made me smile.

People would say that I was the best to them, but I wasn’t. They would just be happy giving me the last wishes (RIP). They would post me in social media that they lost a legend (maybe), a good friend (hypocrisy to fake friends), a brother, cousin or whatever they would call me, but they wouldn’t have added any value to me because I wouldn’t see the posts.

Some would come with flowers, place them in my coffin, besides my body but I won’t see them and I won’t see the meaning of the flowers because I would be sleeping forever. Others would cry but I won’t see their tears. Some would even kiss me but I won’t feel it because of my frozen senses.

I would forget love, forget family, and forget friends. I would be on my own, the love of my own, the family of one and a friend of my own. I won’t have the right to choose what is good and bad or what is best for me but rather stand with who I was when I was alive.

Moral Lesson: when we live, we have the right to make choices, right to choose what we want to be, right to make either good decisions or bad decisions. The people we live with have a great impact in our lives, either positive or negative impacts. In life, we should

  1. Define who we really are.

  2. Identify friends who have positive impacts in our life.

  3. Love those who love us and care those who matters in our lives.

  4. Stay focused and work towards achieving our life goals.

  5. Accept challenges and find solutions (never run away from challenges: that’s fear)

  6. Never fail to try all the time.

  7. Enjoy life to the fullest; love, lough, Explore: life is too short.

  8. Be prepared to die in the process

Am Elvis Mwinyi Mbitsi from Mount Kenya University pursuing bachelor degree in community health and development . I am student and article and content writer.

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ELVIS MBITSI · 6 months ago
Nice article