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  • Published August 19, 2020
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When you are talking about investing in Forex and CDFs trading, one of the things that matter is a reputable online broker that you can use. Every day on the Internet, as more people move online to stay, there is rapid growth in the world. But as the number of people looking to spend their hard-earned money in online trading increases, there are also more and more shady traders.

In Nigeria, uBanker now allows various online traders to spend and gain like bankers. Unlike some other forex and CFDs trading broker that also offers a trading platform, uBanker is a simple-to-use, making it convenient for traders to engage in currency trading.

uBanker has helped a lot of online traders save and make money like bankers do. However, in this post, I'll introduce to you everything you need to know about this broker and the advantages of investing with them.

uBanker has been devoting its platform for many years to let people online transactions with less chance of losing their money. You can easily explore the world of forex and CFDs using only a computer or phone and an Internet connection. Every Forex trader knows how complicated the Forex market may be, especially for new or independent traders. Yet uBanker Nigeria has streamlined the whole process so everybody can now exchange, regardless of their level of competence in forex trading.


Wondering if uBanker is regulated or not?

Yes it is!

The most critical concern and source of assurance for forex traders is regulation, as I would recommend that you always deal with regulated brokers. Every regulator does not have the same meaning, though. FCA, CySEC, or ASIC regulators are much better known. However, uBanker belongs to and runs Green Pole Ltd and VFSC, Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) regulates this business so, in one word, uBanker is a licensed broker and regulated.

Trading Platforms used by uBanker

uBanker has two platforms: Mobile PROfit and Web PROfit

  1. Mobile Profit

A mobile edition of the online PROfit trading platform is now available to help make trading a more open experience for all traders. It would be best if you traded in the mobile edition.

  1. Web PROfit

WebPROfit is the integrated trading platform for uBanker, allowing users to log in and exchange online without first needing to download and update with WebPROfit. Using the app internet or using a cell phone with the handheld system's owner while going by.

Deposit options available on uBanker

uBanker's deposit options include the following:

Credit card: It is an easy money transfer and one of the simplest payment forms available on uBanker. When you want to deposit with a credit card, you may need to show evidence of that – one of their agents may require you to supply them with a copy of your credit card and a current credit card statement. You will have the initials, first and last digits of the credit card number and its expiry date, and the signature on the back of the file. It is best to submit your CVV2 number and any other relevant details.

Debit card: This is a quick payment system that uBanker offers which enables payments to be completed instantly.

Wire transfer: This deposit option is also available on uBanker, If you prefer a wire transfer, this deposit option can take up to five business days to represent your payment.

Skrill – Moneybookers: Skrill – Moneybookers is a common method of money transfer, which is also available at uBanker. This allows deposits to be accepted immediately from every part of the planet.

Account types offered by uBanker

For now, uBanker is a little insufficient to look at in terms of account forms. There is no variety in account types, so only one account can be chosen. And with this standard account type, the minimum deposit is $200.

Services and features

uBanker has a surprisingly user-friendly website, which is just a breeze. The entire thing is easy to understand. Opening an account is fast and straightforward. Fascinated buyers can open a credit card issue account without a fee.

There are several features here that uBanker currently offers:

  1. Wide variety of assets to trade

The numbers of commodities and words you will share with uBanker Nigeria are limitless. You can deal with crude oil, gold and silver, currencies, and precious metals. The exchange is also possible with AUD / NZD, AUD / JPY, AUD / USD, CAD / JPY, CAD / CHF.

  1. They offer the best Support for all Traders

One of the reasons for the loss of most merchants in Nigeria is that there is not enough funding and funding. uBanker acknowledges that and has set in motion everything so that its clients won't do this. The company serves all its clients 24 hours a day.

You have access to it once you sign different facilities to expand on the website and make good earnings. It includes service staff, coaches, and a customized account manager. Confide in me, Ubanker Nigeria has one of the best business customers you ever can dream of.

  1. Initial export security

This is another of uBanker 's fascinating characteristics. It offers maximum protection to the first 5 to 15 companies to safeguard and secure its customers, particularly those new in the market.

This ensures you can be confident that you move money back to your wallet, and though you fail in your first company with uBanker. It is a perfect way to spend time exploring electronic trading tools and services. You will keep the benefit for yourself if you win, but if you lose, you will be repaid in full.

  1. Easy access to sign up

It's not difficult to start trading with uBanker, Nigeria. You have to access the website to register with them for an account. You are only required details and can only have your ASAP account, and obviously, all the privileges of making an account with uBanker open to you.


When you ask me if it's worth the use of uBanker, then my answer is an utter Yes. The platform is simple, versatile, and easy to use. There are other rewards of spending, like a professional account manager, which is difficult to obtain.

You can start trading with uBanker Nigeria for as little as $200, which makes it a good option for low-rollers. We offer excellent consumer security, and nothing else can equal the user-friendliness of the app. It's worth trading with uBanker, Nigeria.

uBanker gives you the power to trade like a banker, from the comfort of your own home. With sophisticated financial tools, used by leading banks and investment firms from around the world, you too can enjoy the freedom and success that was previously unavailable to independent traders.. https://ubanker.com/

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