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As the population ages, adapting to new times and ideas defines the challenge of attaining higher standards in academics. Sustained progress on college campuses around the nation entails commitment to integrity, innovation, and leadership. There is much to gain.

With various disciplines available for study, every student can participate in engaging inquiry about the changing times. Interaction with classmates both inside and away from the classroom promotes a well-rounded experience on campus; academic and athletic clubs like the Debate team or Booster club add to the educational experience. But also, students should explore the community by visiting a historical site. Or participating in a community activity.


Supporting infrastructure at universities, the schools and colleges featured by the institutions of higher learning direct the educational process through the means of a selective curriculum. Faculty researches the top scholarly sources to put together lectures and a syllabus.

Distinguished among the top-ranked universities in the nation, the Neag School of Education excels as the University of Connecticut’s most prestigious school. The Princeton Review, a study of the most elite universities, notes the University of Connecticut’s achievements and awards in the field of Education as well as many others.

Also, renowned for setting the standard for Big Business, the WP Carey School of Business stands out as Arizona State University’s premiere school. In the West, the school carries the reputation of connecting top performing students to careers with leading corporations.

Every discipline recognizes potential in students, and expresses the connection between the success of students and experience with the fundamentals of a particular discipline. Experience makes the better teacher.

Still, course requirements emphasize critical thinking and communication through reading and writing. It is imperative for students to satisfy the 120 credit hours requirement and demonstrate the ability to pass college-level testing.

Degrees and programs like the Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by universities instill confidence in graduates who complete the tracks. With the assistance of faculty and staff, a graduate takes the steps toward a continued and complete journey not only to a career, but also to a lifestyle.


Furthermore, student athletes who actively compete in regulated collegiate sports gain from balancing time between study and extracurricular activity. It is required that student athletes maintain a 3.0 GPA, attend practices regularly, as well as complete community service to compete. Several boards and committees assist students when there is an issue.

The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association oversees the conferences that operate to regulate collegiate sports; as an entity the NCAA has regulated college sports for more than fifty years. Including the Pac-12, ACC, etc. the conferences operate for regional competition.

Yearly competitions called college bowls and festivals attract fans from all over the world and promote the reputation of the university; businesses profit through sponsorship and affiliation with the university. Several regions depend on such affiliations for generations.

The East-West shrine game takes place after the regular season and connects the best performing student athletes through an "all-star" venue. Football players perform to display their skills and learn from other athletes. It's a win-win thing. Other bowls and festivals played during the regular season give athletes an opportunity to travel during the holidays.

Online Programs

Many accredited universities offer online courses which satisfy the course requirements allowing students to gain 3 credit hours outside of a traditional classroom setting. However, the syllabus compares to the scheduled curriculum for in-class students.

Interaction between professor and student centers around lectures and students are required to keep the pace of the class during the semester. Attention is required. Advanced technology makes it possible for students to communicate with other students; systems like Blackboard assist in student communication.

As previously mentioned, Arizona State University, a well-known business school offers an elite online program for students. The benefits of working through an online program propel students to the next level while preparing them to enter the market for employment. Earning a degree can be simple.

A tour of the college campus post millennium invites visitors to participate in school spirit whether it be through academics or athletics. Traditions are still intact.

However, innovation aides on campus as the population navigates through the new times and ideas. With dynamic leadership and integrity, universities are paving the path to success.

Visit a campus near you. Campus guests are permitted to explore classrooms, the Student Center, and other areas. Experience a new way of seeing things. Your participation matters.

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I am an alumni of FSU. I have been freelancing for about eight years, but will be publishing my first novel soon.

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