Two Top Winners in Readers Choice Award 2020 Are From Motivational Strips.

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  • Published August 20, 2020
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Readers Choice Awards is an annual contest where the world's best books are put for voting to the readers, that's why it has been named as READERS choice awards. We have been closely watching the voting process of this award. We realised that worldwide readers of the books which had been nominated participated for this contest to vote for their favourite books. The founder of Motivational Strips said 'A book is as good as a reader loves to read them". This statement plays vital role in today's world of books. Every year hundreds of thousands of book get published but the writers acumen in keeping the mind of the reader occupied is what takes a book to the threshold of success.

Thus this contest year on year is to win the POPULAR CATEGORY amidst the RC awards. Every reader looks at this aspect, year on year to see who takes the stakes for this category. The commercial value of a book comes to the public front when the Readers decide the winners. The authors who get nominated from across the globe are selected on the basis of their reader base and acceptance in the literary world. Every author trues hard to win the 'Popular Category' because only this category can reflect the authentic global readers verdict. It reveals the content quality, value, and marketability of a book to other readers. This category is very difficult to win, as the decision-makers are real readers. The readers judge the book best. So only those books which get read by them makes it to the top in this category. It's the toughest category and the most authentic one.

Apart from that, there are also commercial categories, which may be complimentary. They are not based on readers decisions but on the discretion of the of someone magazines. They are given away in kind to encourage and not disappoint some privileged ones who are loyal to these magazines. The readers are never taken into decision and are chosen by the magazine authorities. Though this category doesn't have much relevance, but helps many upcoming writers to get their reader base commenced. It's a honorary appreciation that are given away in surplus to the participants. (These Categories are awarded normally to encourage participants and based on good relations with the home magazine). All award committees in the world keep such categories to keep their entity running. The world needs to uplift some upcoming writers too.

We are glad to announce the top three winners and the top seven participants who made it this year to READERS CHOICE AWARDS 2020 IN THE POPULAR CATEGORY. The top three winners and the seven participants are as below.



  1. Stories that Intrigue - Brenda Mohammed (Romance Category)

Total Readers Voted - 1013

(Gold Winner) - Overall Votes

(Gold Winner) - Romance Category

  1. The Ghost Wisdom - Shiju H. Pallithazheth (Non-Fiction Category)

Total Readers Voted - 670

(Silver Winner) - Overall

(Gold Winner) - Non-Fiction Category

  1. Written in Water - Lesley Hayes (Other Fiction Category)

Total Readers Voted - 449

(Bronze Winner) - Overall

(Gold Winner) - Other Fiction Category

Finalists Of Popular Category ( These books didn't make it as Winners among the global mass, However, some of them have been awarded honorary Readers Choice awards upon the discretion of the magazine to motivate them. So for those who got the honorary titles, we express our heartfelt congratulations)

  1. Sparky - Millie Slavidou

Total Readers Voted - 331

  1. The Shimmer - Sylva Fae Total Readers Voted 247

  2. A Year in the life of Leah- Lucinda Clarke

Total Readers Voted - 245

  1. To Target the Heart - Andrea Alien Total Readers Voted - 189

  2. Irma's Endgame - Paulette Mathurin

Total Readers Voted - 187

  1. Chronicles of Fen Cermain -Y.W. Lumaris

Total Readers Voted - 139

  1. The Mouse in the Hammock - Bethany Brevard

Total Readers Voted - 123

The source of this data as attached is obtained from the Award Voting portal.

Please share this post and let the world of readers know which best books got published in the year 2020. It would guide them to buy the best of the world as above and adorn their book collection.

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