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  • Published August 12, 2020
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When it comes to how you listen to music, most people are looking for earbuds when compared to heavy headsets if they can get what they want. However, in the past earbuds have been uncomfortable, they seem to be a bit more delicate in what they can handle, and overall, they have not given the same level of sound that most people could get with a good pair of headphones. However, introduce the Anker Soundbuds Life earbuds, you will find that they are not your typical earbuds and offer something that is going to appeal to almost anyone who wears earbuds or headphones to listen to music.

The Features

When you first look at the Anker Soundbuds Life you will see that they offer earbuds with a twist. They do offer an around the neck design that helps to make these more comfortable and for the buds to sit in the ear with more stability. This is a huge check mark for people who are looking for stable earbuds! This design is a bit of a higher end design, but the overall price of the Anker Soundbuds Life is not going to reflect this upper design...a huge plus for those who are looking for a deal.

Some of the other features highlighted in this Anker Soundbuds Life Review include:

  • The weight of the entire unit is only .12 pounds, which is very lightweight, making these more comfortable.

  • Come with 4 sets of tips for the earbuds so that you can find what is most comfortable

  • You can make calls with these earbuds, listen to music and the like. The buttons are laid out to be easy to use.

  • The in-ear design of these earbuds allows for your ears to breathe fully, and should not make you sweat if you were to workout while wearing these.

  • Since you are not using truly wireless earbuds, you do have to carry the neckband around your neck, and they do not come with a case to store in, which is one of the negatives that can be pointed out about this item.

Overall, these are a set of stable earbuds that offer decent listening and phone integration. They are going to be great for those who want to workout while wearing these, or they can just as easily be an option for those who are sitting at a desk all day.

The Verdict

The Anker Soundbuds Life Review showcases that these are durable and offer a decent sound when it comes to the price that the person is going to pay for these. While not as high class as other earbuds, they are definitely worth considering for those who are looking to purchase new earbuds. With the neckband they do offer stability that may not be found elsewhere with other similar types of products. They are a good quality, affordable earbud option that is going to give you decent sound while also being stable, which is something that most people want with their earbuds.

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