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  • Published August 31, 2020
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While it’s common for people to donate financially, donate a car, or donate collectibles to charitable organizations, such as Giving Center. It’s not as common to donate a house, donate land, donate rental property, donate industrial property, or donate commercial property. However, Giving Center accepts a wide array of charitable contributions including those mentioned above! Unlike many other charities, Giving Center has the experienced individuals to make a real estate donation happen!

Homeowners might decide to donate a property to Giving Center for a variety of reasons, however, the donation process for houses can be complicated because it involves different legal aspects and tax implications. With years of experience, our live representatives will walk you through the Real Estate Donation process so we can get your real estate donated!

Rid yourself of unwanted real estate with Real Estate With Causes. Become free from costly and unprofitable properties (this can be an inherited property, a real estate investment that has failed to deliver, or a home that is complicating plans for relocation…) Not only will a real estate donation keep you from having to continue paying property taxes, it can become a donation write off on your 2020 income taxes. Gain large tax credits that can reduce taxes for years to come..

Your property donation will go to a great cause and will help communities and families who have fallen on hard times. A house donation is a winning situation for all involved.

With the COVID 19 Pandemic, don't stress about listing, showing, or having to deal with banks and realtors. Consider donating your real estate today! With our easy donation process, we make donating easy! So what are you waiting for? Visit our website here, or speak with a live representative today: (888)228-7320.

Giving Center is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization located in the United States.

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